Game recommendations. Do note that this is based off my personal taste, and might not suit you.

Otome Game

  • [for PC, PS2] Arabians Lost: Unique characters and awesome heroine. Gameplay might be rather difficult.
  • [for PC] Cinderella Phenomenon: English game with excellent story and art.
  • [for PC, PSP] Garnet Cradle (review here): Storyline’s rather long and confusing, but the art’s too pretty for it to matter.
  • [for PS2, PSP] Himehibi ~Princess Days~ (review here): Storyline’s pretty simple, so it’s a good game to start with if your Japanese isn’t very good.
  • [for PSP] Last Escort: Club Katze (review here): Worth it just for the lolz. Unusual art style, which I liked.
  • [for PC, PSP, NDS] Love Revo: The game’s hilarious and fun. You’ll most likely need a guide for it.
  • [for PC] MoshiKimi + PuriPani (review here): Good story, but sadly no longer available as free download.
  • [for PC, 18+] Queen of Darkness (review here): Excellent doujin game, if you don’t mind a darker story and a bold heroine. Sadly the doujin circle is no longer around…
  • [for PS2, PSP] Real Rode: RPG gameplay that’s actually fun. You’d need a guide though.
  • [for PSP] Wand of Fortune (review here): Gameplay is rather tedious, but the story is very cute and funny.

Non-otome Game

  • [for PC] Daylight (review here): Somewhat shounen-ai, although never stated. Dark story, but very well executed.
  • [for PC] Emerald City Confidential (review here): Point and click game. Good story.
  • [for PC] Ever 17 (review here): Engrossing story and overall worth every cent. I LOVED IT TO PIECES.
  • [for PC] Gloomy Sunday ~ Sombre Dimanche (review here): Awesome psychological thriller, if you can stomach some creepy, grotesque and disturbing imagery…
  • [for PS2, NDS] Harvest Moon series: Farming simulation, highly addictive. You can get married too.
  • [for PC] Machinarium (review here): Point and click game. Worth it just for the art.
  • [for PSP] Patapon series (review here): Highly addictive. Even more so if you’re into rhythm games.
  • [for NDS] Summon Night Twin Age (review here): VERY FUN. And technically can be considered an otome game, since you can end up with another chara, and you can choose to be a boy or girl…
  • [for PC, free] True Remembrance (review here): It puzzled me why this game doesn’t seem to be popular, because the story was excellent…

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yukiruchan
    Feb 19, 2011 @ 21:46:55

    Hi!~ I stumbled here a while ago and your recommendation for Ever17 made me feel impelled to play it immediately and now I’m so happy that I did! It was pure total awesome! So now I’m eternally grateful to you. (worships you lol)
    This recommendation page was very useful! Especially since I go around reading blogs looking for what I should play/interesting opinions. Thanks for making it!


  2. Lyn
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 05:14:34

    It isn’t otome, but definitely read fate stay night :3 I certainly loved it as a otome game player


    • sharakael
      Apr 11, 2013 @ 20:36:56

      It’s on my to-play list 😀
      It’s just that everytime I remember how long it’d take to play, I hesitate and switch to playing another game… (.__. )


  3. ROR
    Jan 10, 2016 @ 21:27:52

    thank you so so much! I bet you played Amnesia? man that game’s awesome


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