Sweet Pool impression

The latest Nitro+Chiral yaoi game was released last December, and due to the unfortunate exchange rate I decided to read reviews first before deciding whether or not to buy it. Browsed the net and found a summary of all the possible endings for Sweet Pool (SPOILER WARNING) .

…reading it, I think… I think I’ll pass… x__X …can’t really stomach guro…

…it was mentioned that the scenario writer(s) also wrote Saya no Uta (eroge), so the sort of story it became shouldn’t be a surprise… (go here for a summary of Saya no Uta with spoilers).


Haccaworks’ new game

While trying to find a site where I’d be able to buy Queen of Darkness, I came across HaccaWorks* website… and saw that they have a new game coming up, titled Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino. Not quite sure when it’d get released, but it certainly looks pretty… (and will probably be shounen-ai?)

HaccaWorks* previous work was a doujin game called HanaKiSou. It was (arguably) a shounen-ai game, and while I can’t remember much of the storyline, I liked the art and the music was done by Akiko Shikata (who also worked on Ar Tonelico’s OST). I don’t know much about the new game, but I wish Akiko Shikata will do the music again. …if I’m going to slash my wallet and bleed it to death, might as well do it in style right? Game + OST + booklet = suicidal wallet ๐Ÿ˜€ That last item is already released, during an event, I think…?

…I really shouldn’t have a credit card, I think.

Speaking of Queen of Darkness, you can do custom order from HimeyaShop. Price, however, will be a pretty $43 (excluding shipping). Simply put, you pay 2 shipping fees… $43 includes shipping fee from the original shop to Himeya, and you have to add the shipping fee from Himeya to you. It’s probably a last resort alternative, since last time I checked English DLSite still didn’t have Queen of Darkness listed. If you find a better option to purchase Queen of Darkness let me know in the comments.

Daylight – Review (again)

I was going to post a review for each individual route, but after some thought I decided against it. Simply because the storylines intertwined so much that posting the review separately means typing the same thing again and again. If you don’t want to be spoiled stop reading now.


Daylight – Review

Now that I’ve finished Mei, Gessie and Phor’s route, I thought I should be able to write a decent review on the game. It’s a good game. And I’m not just saying that because of the droolable main target Eus…


Daylight – characters



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