Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve – review

Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve is a free, short game you can download from Steam or itch.io.  It’s a game with a Halloween theme, so it felt rather amusing to play this in January.

The game is pretty short (2-3 hours), so this is also a short review.



Locked Heart – review


Title screen

I don’t even remember how I came across this game, but I decided to give it a go because I’m biased towards stories based off faery tales and the likes. And before anyone asks – yes it’s in English and yes it’s free, yes it’s worth your time and it’s pretty short.

…for me this kinda helped to make up for the disappointment of Beastmaster & Prince not getting funded (╥﹏╥) And I had a lot of fun playing this – more people should play this (ノ´з`)ノ


Crow A’s Pitiful Beheading

Title screen

Title: 鴉Aの哀れな断頭台 (Karasu A no Aware na Dantoudai or Crow A’s Pitiful Beheading) (can anyone help me with the romaji?)

The game here is by ZIGZAG (who sadly had ceased operation under that name, although still active as ZIGZAG[noir]). Somewhat based on the nursery rhyme “Who killed Cock Robin“, although all it did was to take the title and just sort of ran away with it.


Monochrome Heaven impression

Kept on forgetting to write this.

A few months back I came across this review for Monochrome Heaven and decided to check it out. After a brief search, managed to find a walkthrough and played all the routes, and agreed with the review completely… the story’s very well thought out, even if the sci-fi element in the last ending felt like it came out of nowhere.

In particular, the very last ending which you can access after finishing everyone else… felt very strange. It’s not what I’d call a happy ending, but it’s not sad either. It just… felt strange to me. It’s befitting, I guess, and judging from the setting and the situation the characters found themselves in, it’s also probably the best possible outcome. But still… felt very strange.

But the game is, again, good, as the way the story was told would keep you curious until you get to the last ending, where it’d explain everything.

…actually, I was hoping that the last ending would be a happy end for Akito and Luna… because as strange as it may sound I actually like Akito I’m completely ignoring the fact that he’s psychotic and had ordered all of his previous fiancee to be killed lalalalala

In any case, a good game to play if you feel like playing something dark. Also, I noticed that DIGICLA took down MoshiKimi (it’s no longer available for download). So if you’re interested in playing this one, you better go and download it before it’s no longer available.

Fantasia, The Realm of Thanos

The other day, while trying to find a review for Souten no Kanata, I came across this review for an otome doujin game… which led me to the official website (which, strangely, doesn’t seem to have a direct link to download the full game…). I traversed the links until I finally got here, which seems to have the latest version of the game…

I thought it’s worth mentioning that the game was made by ONE person… a feat which would had taken impressive amount of effort and time. I’m yet to play it, as at the moment I have too much going on. But if you have played, what do you think of it?

As for me… too many things going on in real life, unfortunately. Have stopped playing games altogether in an effort to sort out everything else.

Trivia: Crimson Royale, if you ordered from Quinrose, came with a set of 3-months calendar (Aug-Oct) and a poster. I have no idea where to put up this poster in my room, which is the physical representation of Chaos (my room, not the poster)…

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