Garnet Cradle tokuten

While cleaning up my room, I found my misplaced Garnet Cradle tokuten… and having played the game, the tokuten suddenly held more interest to me. FYI, tokuten for Garnet Cradle was a booklet containing concept sketches & design… and a tumbler, which still sits in its box unopened. I think the first time I leafed through the booklet, the sketches inside weren’t that interesting to me because I couldn’t relate it to the game, and didn’t notice the significance. Having played the game… well, it just made the tokuten a lot more interesting.

Sorry for the picture quality though, used my mobile phone camera…



Yume no Ukihashi (or Shiny Box)

My copy of Yume no Ukihashi arrived 2-3 days ago. Bought the Premium Box, because I thought the additional content of the Treasure Box (Audio CD that records the seiyuu cast reciting poetry, a book of poems and its literary analysis, 2 charms) was not worth the additional U$60. I’m not that big on seiyuu…

So, the box. The size is BIG compared to a normal NDS game box. It’s all good and pretty, except for a minor problem… the box is too pretty and shiny that I don’t have the heart to open it ;__; …I expect it will eventually pass, but for now… I’ll just have to delay playing it.

Am toying around with the idea of taking photos of the unboxing process (if I get around to it) .__.

Hiiro no Kakera – Wallpaper (NDS)

Wallpaper for those interested. Wallpaper is taken from the Digital Data DVD, and there’s only 1 resolution (1280×1024). Well, actually there’s a larger resolution, but it’s a bit too big for me to upload…

Digital Data DVD

If you order the limited edition for Hiiro no Kakera for NDS, it comes with what’s called a “Digital Data DVD”. What’s exactly in it…?

  • Promotional Videos for Hiiro no Kakera, Hiiro no Kakera ~Ano Sora no Shita de~, and Hiiro no Kakera NDS.
  • Opening Videos for Hiiro no Kakera, Hiiro no Kakera ~Ano Sora no Shita de~, and Hiiro no Kakera NDS.
  • Talk/Interview with seiyuus.
  • Talk/Interview with the singer (by the way, the opening song for Hiiro no Kakera NDS is good; the singer’s name is Maiko Fujita).
  • 2 screensavers.
  • ~10 wallpapers, 2 different resolutions for each design.
  • Characters system voice.

Is it worth ordering the limited edition? Yes, if you’re crazy about seiyuus… to me the only interesting bit was the wallpaper, and there weren’t enough (for me). But if you’re interested, Play-Asia still has them, and I have a few $5 coupons for Play-Asia you can use (just leave me a comment).

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