Heterodoxy no more

Being a fan of Heterodoxy, I periodically go to the site to see if there’s any new game… and found out today that they’re shutting down ;__;

If you’re thinking of buying their game, your only chance is now… from what I can gather, by the end of May you can no longer buy their game. Also, for those who has The Second Reproduction or Queen of Darkness –first moon– or –replay+–, there’s an update patch which added a Valentine’s day scenario.

…apart from that… just sad ;__;

EDIT: The link above had completely died, and whatever’s remained of the content had been moved here. You can still download the patch there, but unsure how long until that page is gone too…

Back from holiday

I’m back! Sort of.
Went on a month holiday to Europe, which was awesome… even if the average temperature was 0 Celcius degree, which I wasn’t used to. On the day I was supposed to come back it snowed heavily and the airport was closed… delaying my return by a week. Not complaining for the extra holiday, although the people at work was sort of ready to welcome me back with pitchforks… (coming back late when a project’s nearing deadline? Not cool.) Anyway. Not much to say except that I really, really loved Venice…

While I was away, I placed a custom order to Erogeshop, ordering the remake of Queen of Darkness (both discs). All fine and dandy, I paid etc… and a few days later they told me that the maker wouldn’t supply the game (or something like that), and refunded me the money. My reaction was something along the line of ( -___- ) …Erogeshop/Himeya is the only channel I know of who can do this custom order thing from Heterodoxy… last time I tried Yamato-Touch, and they never came back to me with a response as to whether or not they could get the game for me. Am stumped now… anyone knows of a method or services through which I could acquire these two games?

Am also thinking of moving this blog to WordPress. I maintain 2 blogs, 1 on Blogspot and another on WordPress just to compare the functionality… and after a while, I decided that I liked WP better. In particular, the capability to categorise your posts, and to create static pages… Sooner or later I’d move this blog (and all of the pre-existing content) to WP, but I’m not sure whether I should delete all the content in this blog and leave only 1 entry to point to the new blog, or just leave it be with 1 entry at the top to point to the new blog… any opinion?

Queen of Darkness remake

I… apologise for the lack of updates. Work has been busy and I’ve been trying to give it 110% of my effort to avoid unemployment. So far it’s OK, but it simply means that I don’t really have the luxury of playing long games… and when I do get the time to play, I’ve been forcing myself to finish all of my other games. Too many games installed on my PC; really shouldn’t be installing new games before I finish the old ones.

I posted my review on Queen of Darkness before, and while checking their website again for any other new games they might have, I stumbled across this: Queen of Darkness is getting a remake with 2 new characters, redrawn CG scenes and renewed character designs… and this time, the game’s rating is 15+. I have to admit I’m rather disappointed by that last bit… but all the same, I’ll be looking forward to it. Release date is 2009, and since 2009 is ending hopefully it’d be out soon…? Then I can ask Himeya to order it for me as an XMas gift to myself…

Too many games to buy… after HaruToki 3 with Izayoiki Aizouban, KOEI released HaruToki 3 Unmei no Meikyuu Aizouban (also in Premium Box and Treasure Box version, as usual)… and I still haven’t bought Kiniro no Corda 2f Encore TT__TT …don’t think I’ll get the Premium Box though, since the contest doesn’t really interest me…

An interesting point (although I don’t think anyone else would be interested), I noticed that all 3 versions of HaruToki 3 Unmei no Meikyuu Aizouban are still available in Play-Asia. I found that rather strange… usually the Treasure Box version would be sold out even before the release date. A sign of the troubled economic times, maybe? Or maybe Play-Asia simply ordered too much stock…

Queen of Darkness – review

So… is the game worth it? Definitely ๐Ÿ˜€ …to me, anyways. I really enjoyed the game, and I found that playing the game without knowing what would happen in the story was rewarding. And thus, I won’t post anything about the story itself, or what happens in each character’s route. I’ll leave it as a joy for you to discover on your own.


Queen of Darkness – gameplay

After I got my copy, I pretty much sacrificed my weekend (and sleep) playing the game. Encountered “Game Over” the first time around, and did better the second time around. I think I understand enough to make a post about the gameplay. I couldn’t find any guide or walkthrough on the net, so what’s written here is pretty much what I managed to figure out on my own.

Note: There’s an update patch available at the official website. Scroll down and you’ll see a link for patch version 1.4. I patched my game before I started playing, so I’m not quite sure if there’s any notable difference. The page actually has a list of things that were fixed in the patch, but I didn’t read it…


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