Seven Boys 2 – review

Title ScreenHappy New Year! …it is somewhat embarrassing to note that I last updated this blog in 2016… but then again, writing review was beginning to feel like a chore so I just kinda stopped. …plus I picked up a new hobby so all my money kinda goes into the new hobby ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ I took some time off work so I was able to sit down and just… played games. Here’s one of them, which I bought from Steam end of year sale for U$0.55. At that price, I decided, ehhh, why not. Steam told me I had about ~10 hours in the game – for the price, I was pretty happy with it.

If you need a guide, I used this one (the guide skipped the common route and started from the individual routes).

First thing first – the game didn’t have that many CGs, so I refrained from putting up screenshots of event CGs. There was 2 CGs in the common route, 2 CGs for each guy and 1 CG each for both of the extra endings… and for some reason, event CG quality didn’t seem to match the sprites. For example, No. 4 looked different between his standing sprite and his ending CG… probably different artists? But well, it didn’t bother me that much.

Basic premise: Our heroine woke up with no memory or recollection as to how she ended up in a prison… and soon learnt that this totalitarian country, North Island, was a country of children. There was no adult – adults were treated as something of a despised existence. And our heroine, having the appearance of an adult in a country of children, was of course put in jail the moment she was found. Soon she was taken out by the management agency that ran the whole of North Island, to be supervised and put to work. Along with her were 4 boys that were in prison with her, each having ended up in prison for a crime. With no memory, she was named Snow White, and the boys that were in the same situation as her were given numbers as code names.

There are 8 guys in total you can go after – each with 2 endings called Red Heart (good ED) and Blue Heart (bad ED), plus a number of Bad Ends scattered around. To go towards a particular ending you just need to pick the right answer that increases the correct parameter… but I’ll say this, save yourself some time and just use the guide. You can increase the parameter in the common route, but the game doesn’t give any hint as to which answer increases which parameter. There was one time I was trying to head to a Blue Heart ED and I got more stats in blue than in red, but the game threw me into a Bad Ed anyway.

The story… let’s see… if you like a heroine with initiative, this is not the game for you. Snow White as a heroine was pretty passive – even as you enter individual routes she mostly just goes along with whatever’s happening. And the entire story basically happened in 10 days, no matter which route you’re on. With that knowledge… to fall in love with someone else in 10 days… well, I can suspend my disbelief I guess, but then I put in light how Snow White gets treated in some of the route and it becomes unsettling. …oh yeah, if heavily implied rape bothers you please consider yourself warned. It happened in 1 route and it was unavoidable whether you’re heading to the good ending or the bad ending. There were additional implied rape in 2 Blue Heart ED too, now that I think about it. …the game was also rather light in romance quotient, so you might find the whole “I’m in love!” part rather abrupt.

The game actually has a prequel – but the creator said it’s not on Steam and only in Chinese. This explained why there were characters with sprites and names who had no route – they were basically cameos from the prequel.

The next thing I have to mention is the translation quality. To be fair, the translation was nowhere as bad as Les Fleursword… that one I had to do some brain gymnastics to understand the context of the conversation. For Seven Boys 2… there were repeated dialogues/sentences, and sometimes there were sentences that were just out of place. One  I can remember was when No. 7 came out with an umbrella to find Snow White in the rain (in the evening) and the next sentence… was about how they finished breakfast (… (•ิ_•ิ)? ) There were also sentences in the same scene that contradicted each other… but generally I could still follow what’s happening. I was most amused that it didn’t bother me that much. I’m probably developing an unfortunate tolerance for this… and unfortunately, I can feel my own grammar deteriorating the more I tolerate this, but eh.

The game system is my biggest complaint about this game. I didn’t bother finding out what engine the creators used, but the following were the annoyances I felt:

  • No proper skip function. You need to hold down left click to skip messages, and it will skip everything – including unread dialogues. Thankfully each route was considerably short.
  • The game didn’t seem to save its config value… every time I started the game it asked me to choose between English or Chinese, and it always started at full screen… despite me choosing Windowed mode in the settings. Every single time.
  • Some things… didn’t save/trigger properly? I got all the endings but it didn’t unlock the necessary achievements, so I replayed through the game skipping everything until the achievement finally triggered.
  • I might had missed something there, but the game looked like it only had 6 save slots…? On the upside, when you select Start the game immediately asked you whether you wanted to start from the beginning (prologue), from the start of the common route (where you choose whom to interact with each day) or from each individual routes (where you’re on a guy’s route).

Speaking of the common and individual routes… when you choose the start the game from an individual route, the game assumes you picked the right choices in the common route, giving you the requisite amount of Red/Blue Heart to start the individual route with. If you start from the common route and followed the guide for the individual route and just couldn’t get to the ending you want, try starting the game again and choose to start from the individual route instead.

Short impressions on each guy’s route (I’m ignoring the extra endings):

  • No. 1: Given his personality, both of his Endings (Red and Blue) were actually pretty OK. Even as weird as his Blue Heart ED was, it’s still less tragic compared to some of the other guys’ Blue Heart ED.
  • No. 2: …(╬`益´) …what’s with this route… as if to match the route, even his Red Heart ED wasn’t actually happy.
  • No. 3: This was pretty OK. Felt rather standard, somehow.
  • No. 4: The difference between how happy his Red Heart ED was versus how miserable his Blue Heart ED was… was a massive contrast. Probably the happiest Red Heart ED.
  • No. 5: His Red Heart ED was probably the closest in feel to your usual otome-ge, but his Blue Heart ED pretty much destroyed his character.
  • No. 6: …this route was… OK? My judgement is biased as I don’t like koakuma characters…
  • No. 7: FLIP TABLE! (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻ …after that emotional build up, what the eff was with that bittersweet Red Heart ED…?  He’s the only guy who got an extended Blue Heart ED though…
  • No. 0: …I guess, given how long his Red Heart ED was, it’s probably the True ED.

Of note, the game seemed to gloss over how some of the guys were basically responsible for murdering people.
Game: … suuuure, directly or indirectly these guys were responsible for actual loss of lives, but let’s not mention it and here’s your happy Red Heart ED╰(▔∀▔)╯
Me: …(¬_¬;)
…so yeah, not the best when it comes to resolving plot holes.

Is it a game I’d recommend? For that price, yes. Just… don’t go in expecting a masterpiece and you should be OK.

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  1. Usagi
    Jan 12, 2018 @ 14:16:20

    I’m so happy to see you’re blogging again sharakael!! I actually remember peeking on your blog a few weeks ago and seeing no updates so I was pretty excited to see you pop back up on my wordpress feed haha 🙂 hope you’ve been having a good time during your blogging break!

    As for this game, I have to say I’m more interested in the mystery VN you posted about at a later time than this one haha. I think if I had to choose between the two (for the sake of my backlog and time constraints) I’d probably go with the mystery one! Lol but for 55 cents I would say this isn’t too bad!


    • sharakael
      Jan 15, 2018 @ 20:46:40

      Uh… I’m not really back on the bandwagon so I think your best method is to sign up for email updates ^^’ I only have a few more backlogged reviews to post, and after that I don’t have anything lined up…
      My blogging break has been good – I picked up new hobbies 🙂

      I think “Magical Eyes” was better crafted than this one, even if it wasn’t otome. But then again, it also cost more so…


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