Vitamin X Evolution – Kusanagi Hajime

Hajime, I guess, fills the “I’m a bad/violent boy” stereotype within Vitamin X Evolution. All things considered though, I’ll take him any day compared to Kiyoharu.



Vitamin X Evolution – Makabe Tsubasa

Second playthrough, I decided to go after the rich snobby boy, because nothing cheers me up more than making an arrogant bishounen succumb to my charm (BWAHAHAHAHAHAH).

Anyway. Tsubasa had more of a background story compared to Kiyoharu, which was good… until you realised that his background story only served to explain his personality and didn’t come into play in the game. Meaning any of you looking forward to healing this snob from his mental problems is out of luck.


Vitamin X Evolution – Sendou Kiyoharu

I seem to have bad luck in choosing which 2-D character to drool over. Whatever game I played, the character I picked to be the first character to get always turned out to be psychotic/crazy/unlikeable/tragic. For Vitamin X Evolution, this was what exactly happened. …well, moving on.

For my first playthrough, I decided to get Sendou Kiyoharu… seems like a cheerful, if not a bit mischievious boy, I thought. Scrap that. Replace mischievious with ‘troublemaker’. MAJOR troublemaker. Smoke bombs, splashing you with water to which he had added questionable content, etc, etc, he’s all for it. Can’t say I like the boy…


Vitamin X Evolution – Gameplay

This is somewhat of a review, I guess… This game takes a lot of effort to play.

Basic premise. You’re a new teacher, and the principal assigns you… to a group of the dumbest (but cute) students. You have a year to tutor them and make sure that they graduate at the end of 1 year. Unusual story, unusual casts… You can read Lijakaca’s blog about the PS2 version of the game and character info. Her Japanese is a lot better than mine, since she managed to grasp what was actually going on… but well, continuing… Vitamin X Evolution is the NDS remake of the game, and it has quite a lot of extras… such as the option to pursue the other teachers instead of just the students. Read Lijakaca’s blog and you’ll get the general feel for the game. Me, I’ll just tell you why you might or might not want to play this game…


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