Samantha Swift games

When Steam was having a Christmas sale, hubby sent me a gift of a pack of games he thought I’d be interested in. Among the games in the pack were 2 Samantha Swift games, Samantha Swift and The Hidden Roses of Athena and Samantha Swift and The Golden Touch.

My desktop’s still dead, but I thought my old netbook should be able to at least handle hidden object games, so I set to play both one after another. Here’s a brief review…



Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery

The big sale is still on, with some games getting 50% discount… unfortunately, none of the games seemed that interesting, so I ended up only getting simple games like hidden object games. Beggars can’t be choosers, so hey. So, finished Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery (follow the link for screenshots) the other day in one sitting. Not that it’s that short, it’s just that once I start playing hidden object games it’s really difficult to stop…


The Mystery of The Mary Celeste

Consider this a mini-review for this game

Whenever I don’t feel like playing a long game, I’d start looking for hidden-objects game. Usually because they don’t take that long to finish, and they’re cheap compared to otome games. You get a lot of titles to choose from as well, although unfortunately rarely any is as good as the Mystery Case Files series. This particular title was good at the beginning, but the ending destroyed all of the good build-up…


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