Awesome oldie

Quick random post. For some reason I got reminded of an old English eroge I played ages ago, and remembered how I was really, really fond of the game. Googled, found some 10-year old discussion thread still alive with people poring over the plot, even going as far as translating the text from the Japanese version since the ported English version’s translation was butchered. Some reminiscence to follow (I’m old, I know).



…RL dating sim?

I was browsing HMV when  I saw a dating sim game featured on the front page… albeit one using real-life idols instead of illustrated/drawn characters. True to tradition, it’s even released in different versions: Standard, First Press Limited, and Limited Period Manufacture

According to the product description:

AKB48 1st Official Game!!
PSP Game “AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara…”

The love simulation game like never before!!
All 48 members of AKB48 appear, and the concept is that you have to choose 1 and reject the other 47.

…I have to wonder…


Megane chara

This post isn’t really about a particular otome game, but just otome games in general… so… probably better if you just skip it.

I try to avoid posting this kind of thing since I thought people wouldn’t be interested, but well… I guess for those who aren’t interested you can just opt to skip reading it.


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