Uta no Prince-sama : review & babble

This is just a brief review and I won’t write the story since others have done it, and done it better than I could ๐Ÿ˜€ For a brief summary of all the routes read Sandeian’s post, and for more detailed summaries read Rin’s. My review is… basically just for me to fangirl about this game 8D

Will contain minor spoilers. Avoid reading the “Random Thoughts” section if you prefer to be spoiler-free.



Hiatus until June

Because I (apparently) don’t learn from my mistakes, this year I’ll try again for NaNoRenO.

…even when I know, with sheer certainty, that I won’t have anything to show for by the end of March. One can try, right?

Right after that I have a long holiday queued up, and I don’t think I’d be able to play anything… so expect the next post in June. Probably. Unless I manage to steal some time to play.
…highly unlikely, since I’m going back to visit my hometown to gorge myself on all the food I haven’t been able to eat (martabak \o/ ). The visit itself will be short, but I think I’ll need the rest of May to recover from over-consumption OTZ

New company – Landkarte

Was browsing randomly when I ended up at Landkarte, and looks like it’s a new company with a new game… seems like it’s for PC, although I’m not sure about the release date. …actually, I’m not sure about other things as well, like how to read the game’s name 8D Is it even a game…? At the moment am not that fixated on the small details… all I know is that I like the character designs, and if it comes out (again, assuming it’s a game), I’ll order it.

At the moment I actually have no idea on what otome game to play. …spoiled for choice would be one way to put it…
Started Will o’ Wisp on PSP, although I have to admit it’s really hard to maintain an interest in it, since I can’t use AGTH with PSP games… on the other hand, it’s not that difficult and I could still understand the basic of the story, so we’ll see.

Also, my NaNoRenO attempt… was acceptable, I think. I didn’t get to finish it, even after simplifying the story and cutting away chunks of storyline, but I did manage to type in the majority of the storyline, around ~80%… taking a bit of a break before continuing, and will probably go back and add in the parts I cut out. I really want to finish it…
…it probably doesn’t help that lately I got addicted to Torchlight. Thankfully I was told that the storyline’s not that long, so hopefully I can finish it soon and move on to play another otome game… or finish that NaNoRenO.

NaNoRenO 2010

I finished playing and writing review for HnO2. Not just that, I finished writing up story summaries too… however, I think I better space out the posts, scheduling them to be published every 5-6 days or so. The reason… really, it’s just to give a sense of illusion of this blog being updated regularly while I’m off doing something else <_<;

I decided to participate in NaNoRenO, even if I found out about it late and only started yesterday. To make up for it, I’ll pretty much stop playing any game, and utilise any free time I have into NaNoRenO. But while I disappear, hopefully the review and story summaries I’d written would be good enough of a company to people (if any) who read this blog ^^;

Other than that, wish me luck… this is gonna be harder than NaNoWriMo… <_<;

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