Random post. I was reading Yumii’s latest blog update where she mentioned that the result for Wand of Fortune character poll is out…



Now how did that happen…?

Just talking a bit about seiyuu, in particular Kakihara Tetsuya.


Wand of Fortune ~Mirai e no Prologue~ routes

Is it that difficult to braid someone else' hair...?

Probably a testament to the game’s enjoyment factor, I actually went back to replay some of the routes to write this entry, and I didn’t mind doing it.

…except Alvaro. I didn’t like him in the original game, and I still didn’t like him here.


Wand of Fortune ~Mirai e no Prologue~ review

…my that was quick. Considering it’s the same price as the original game, I was hoping for something longer… with that in mind, I can’t really recommend this game unless you really liked the original game and would like to see more of the characters.

At least this time the game has an in-built screencap function, so I can post some pictures.


Wand of Fortune – routes (part 2)

Second part! Finally managed to finish the second route.

Also, Happy Belated New Year!


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