Crow A’s Pitiful Beheading

Title screen

Title: 鴉Aの哀れな断頭台 (Karasu A no Aware na Dantoudai or Crow A’s Pitiful Beheading) (can anyone help me with the romaji?)

The game here is by ZIGZAG (who sadly had ceased operation under that name, although still active as ZIGZAG[noir]). Somewhat based on the nursery rhyme “Who killed Cock Robin“, although all it did was to take the title and just sort of ran away with it.

The game is what you’d call a mini-game… play-time is really short, 15min if your Japanese is good and half an hour if, like me, you have to use AGTH to try to make sense of it. The mini doesn’t just refer to the game length, it refers to the game file size… and window size. If you open the screenshot to full-view it, the size you see is the size the game is in.

game screen

The story started simple. Cock Robin had been murdered, and crow A got beheaded as the criminal. But until the very end, he insisted that he was innocent. And the narrator (the judge) started talking to various characters after the beheading had taken place. And as the narrator talked in turn to Mrs. Robin, to crow B, to crow C… different possibilities of what could had actually happened started to emerge, and the question got stronger: did crow A really kill Cock Robin?

While the story is short and simple, the execution is well done. The art is minimalistic and there’s no event CG. The only difficulty I had was that sometimes the text/story wasn’t a text… the text was actually in the background as a part of the image, thus it wasn’t something that could be translated by AGTH, so I had to figure out some things on my own. Oh yes, no voice by the way, it’s such a small game after all.

It’s worth your time if you like the type of story. I also discovered that I liked the writing style, so I guess I’ll buy Dark Sunday – Sombre Dimanche – in the future.


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