Locked Heart – review


Title screen

I don’t even remember how I came across this game, but I decided to give it a go because I’m biased towards stories based off faery tales and the likes. And before anyone asks – yes it’s in English and yes it’s free, yes it’s worth your time and it’s pretty short.

…for me this kinda helped to make up for the disappointment of Beastmaster & Prince not getting funded (╥﹏╥) And I had a lot of fun playing this – more people should play this (ノ´з`)ノ



The Devil’s Calling! – review

This was one of the reviews I had languishing unfinished… might as well finish it now I guess.

The Devil's Calling!This is one of the few games I actually managed to finish in 2014. I had some DLSite points that was about to expire, so I thought might as well use them up and get something. Looked through the games on my wishlist and decided to get The Devil’s Calling! because the premise sounded cute.


The Knife of The Traitor – review

So… November’s ended, and I completely failed NaNoWriMo .__.  …ah well, will try again next year.

I was in the mood to play something short and browsed through the list at English Otome Games… and decided to try The Knife of The Traitor, a doujin otome(?) game for PC. I started the game with a 😐 and ended with a 😀 …the game exceeded my expectations and ended up being highly entertaining. Recommended to play, if you have 30-60min to spare.


Boku no Shokora – review

Stumbled upon this otome doujin game which now has been translated to English thanks to ouiratsuike. Short review below. An even shorter review is: go play this game. It’s short and sweet and cute, and can be finished in under 30min… and it’s free 😀


A heads up for Cafe 0

Just a heads up that roseVeRte has released Cafe 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ in English.

There was a 15% off offer for the first 20 purchases… I hurried to buy but seemed like I missed it ^^; ah well, it will have to wait until next time when I need a new game to play… for the moment I have more than enough games to play (._. ;;) …and if I’m correct my Wand of Fortune 2 is on its way to me.

Also, just another heads up, this isn’t otome but it’s for charity and in my eyes that’s awesome. The new Humble Bundle is out. I bought the previous Humble Bundle and it contained an interesting selection of indie games. This particular bundle doesn’t interest me that much… I’ll probably just purchase it as a gift or something. 8 games for as little as $5 (which goes to charity) sounds good enough of a reason to do so 🙂

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