Asaki, Yumemishi – Main Characters

Main character descriptions. Again, any mis-translation is purely my fault. Some of the text the translation software spit back was just gibberish and I gave up at translating them… hence I left out a few sentence here and there. Won’t be translating the minor characters… even though I like the designs (especially this one). Feel free to laugh at whatever I managed to salvage here. Corrections will be very appreciated.



Mio – “Asaki, Yumemishi”

This game is coming out on the 25th (yea, 2 more days), and is the debut game of the company Mio. The parent company is Cyc which produces hentai games… but this game is not an 18+ game and it’s an otome game, so I hope this game is quite safe (for my sanity). Not that I’m biased against the company, but… one of the Cyc’s child company, Black Cyc, produces games I’d be running away screaming from… on the other hand, White Cyc is quite OK, and I have one of White Cyc’s game in my queue to play.

Story synopsis, to the best of my capability:


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