To-buy list for the rest of 2011

This should be of no interest to anyone else. Just listing my (future) purchases so I can plan and budget for them properly…



Sorayume Portable

Was just browsing for Takuyo games when I noticed that Sorayume Portable will be released in May. I thought to myself… this is too much of a good timing that it’s suspicious. There I was, looking for a new game to buy, and there was Sorayume, about which merely weeks ago I was thinking “I want to play it… wonder if they’ll port it to PSP?”

This, Harutoki 3 and then Garnet Cradle… I don’t think I can save money this year…

New games… (I WANT)

Just realised there are 2 new games to be released.

Garnet Cradle has a release date of winter this year. …just hoping that it doesn’t get delayed. Website has also been updated; if you go to the character page you can see the characters’ alternative clothes.

On the yaoi front…
Nitro+Chiral‘s latest game, Sweet Pool, is to be released 19/12/2008. This is the company’s 3rd game, after Togainu no Chi and Lamento. Tatanakana is no longer doing the illustration, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing… I think the new illustrator (Onitsuka Sage(?)) is doing a good job in conveying the feel of the game. You can tell immediately the storyline’s not going to be light and happy, for a start… And the main character looks like a seme?

As for me… A$ needs to go back up on the exchange rate side of things so I can buy these games ;__; QuinroseCrimson Empire‘s coming out soon too… speaking of Crimson Empire, if you’re looking for an alternative to buy it from (apart from Himeya), someone from the forum pointed out that you can buy it from Yamato Touch. Unlike Himeya, you don’t have to pick EMS for shipping…

Neo Angelique Special (PSP)

Apparently Neo Angelique’s getting ported to PSP. According to the site there will be additional events for the non-major guys (I think), and the release date is 20 September 2008. Almost a month apart from Harutoki Yume no Ukihashi, huh? …my wallet just ran away in fear I think. And I don’t even have a PSP…

Premium Box will have an UMD video (something titled Jewelry Box movie?), CD containing the game’s ending theme and decorative sticker for PSP. …if I didn’t mis-translate.

Nothing much here, move along.

Something that will be old news for most people… this is mostly my wishlist.

PSP otome games:

NDS otome games:

…seems like sooner or later I need to buy a PSP. If they keep on releasing otome games on that platform.. TT__TT money…

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