Play-Asia spring sale

I think most people would’ve noticed, but… Play-Asia is having spring sale, and I noticed these two items are on sale:


Games for March – handheld console

Just realised that there are games coming out this month for consoles.

And these ones… I don’t think they’re otome, but they look interesting:

Yume no Ukihashi port

…because you can’t port game and extract money out of fans enough times, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Yume no Ukihashi is getting ported to PS2. The Special Edition linked will contain:

  • Photo Library (contains CG events, Endings from the game etc)
  • Special Postcard
  • Special Packaging(?)
  • CD Set (?)

Yume no Ukihashi (or Shiny Box)

My copy of Yume no Ukihashi arrived 2-3 days ago. Bought the Premium Box, because I thought the additional content of the Treasure Box (Audio CD that records the seiyuu cast reciting poetry, a book of poems and its literary analysis, 2 charms) was not worth the additional U$60. I’m not that big on seiyuu…

So, the box. The size is BIG compared to a normal NDS game box. It’s all good and pretty, except for a minor problem… the box is too pretty and shiny that I don’t have the heart to open it ;__; …I expect it will eventually pass, but for now… I’ll just have to delay playing it.

Am toying around with the idea of taking photos of the unboxing process (if I get around to it) .__.

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