The first day of a typical heroine…

So… first day. Tamaki woke up, and it’s her first day of attending school at her grandmother’s village. She went to school bringing Osaki (the cat/fox familiar) along, but it’s not a big problem since no one else can see it.

In class, she felt anxious about not knowing anyone… a situation which was quickly rectified when Takuma walked into the class (he’s her classmate, apparently…). Nearing the end of the day, a girl from the class approached her, and guessed that Tamaki came from town… and mentioned something along the lines of how one city-dweller could recognise another. The girl then proceeded to tease Tamaki, since a few classmates saw Tamaki together with Takuma the day before, and she wondered what Tamaki’s relationship was with Takuma. Tamaki quickly denied everything. And while Tamaki felt relieved that she made friends on her first day, I was wailing in my mind (*this* is the character that’s set to fill the ‘best friend’ role…? Can’t they make someone less nosy…?).



Hiiro no Kakera – Wallpaper (NDS)

Wallpaper for those interested. Wallpaper is taken from the Digital Data DVD, and there’s only 1 resolution (1280×1024). Well, actually there’s a larger resolution, but it’s a bit too big for me to upload…

Digital Data DVD

If you order the limited edition for Hiiro no Kakera for NDS, it comes with what’s called a “Digital Data DVD”. What’s exactly in it…?

  • Promotional Videos for Hiiro no Kakera, Hiiro no Kakera ~Ano Sora no Shita de~, and Hiiro no Kakera NDS.
  • Opening Videos for Hiiro no Kakera, Hiiro no Kakera ~Ano Sora no Shita de~, and Hiiro no Kakera NDS.
  • Talk/Interview with seiyuus.
  • Talk/Interview with the singer (by the way, the opening song for Hiiro no Kakera NDS is good; the singer’s name is Maiko Fujita).
  • 2 screensavers.
  • ~10 wallpapers, 2 different resolutions for each design.
  • Characters system voice.

Is it worth ordering the limited edition? Yes, if you’re crazy about seiyuus… to me the only interesting bit was the wallpaper, and there weren’t enough (for me). But if you’re interested, Play-Asia still has them, and I have a few $5 coupons for Play-Asia you can use (just leave me a comment).

Initial impression…

Stopped myself from playing Zelda Phantom Hourglass non-stop and decided to have a break by playing another game. And I thought, Hiiro no Kakera, why not…? I haven’t gotten around to installing Clepsydra on my PC…

Short intro: Tamaki (the main character) came to live with her grandmother in a remote village due to her parents’ career needs. Arriving there, she was attacked by creatures which no one else could see, and a youth saved her just in time. She later learned from her grandmother that their family is descended from a princess whose job was to seal a demon sword, and she’s the next person in line to take on this role. Thankfully she didn’t have to do it alone, because there were 5 guardian families tasked with assisting her.

The game…


Hiiro no Kakera (NDS)

NDS owners looking for otome games to play can now rejoice…
…sort of.

Hiiro no Kakera from Idea Factory has been released (recently, not sure when’s the exact date). Now, some points of consideration…

  • … Game is on NDS, which means you can’t drool on the pretty pictures on your 15+ inch monitor.
  • + … NDS games are cheaper than PS2 or PC games… plus this one also includes Hiiro no Kakera – Ano Sora no Shita.
  • – … Game is on NDS and not on PC, which means you can’t use AGTH to translate the text.
  • + … Game will be voiced, which should help you understand what’s going on somewhat better.
  • – … Game has its own dictionary to explain the terms inside the game… which means the story won’t be easy to understand unless you understand Japanese. And if I guess correctly, it’s a mainly ADV game…

Seems like there will be more otome games for DS in the future. I’m hoping they will port more PS2 otome games to NDS… since there are still a lot of titles on that platform which I want to play. For instance, that game where you become a mermaid… (title escapes me at the moment).

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