Marriage Royale – WTFRant

I tried to write a proper review for this game in the other post…

…this entry, however, is just for me to go WTF at the game. Read at your own risk; what I have to say about the game isn’t really favourable… ^^; Expect comparisons to eroge, since that is what this game should had been.



Marriage Royale – review

…first off, let me start by saying I had no idea what compelled me to start (and even finish) this game. Sure it has cute characters… but it also has an equal number of disturbingly creepy characters. All of them in the name of fanservice. This game was pure disappointment for me from start to finish, but I’ll save my rant for another post…


…RL dating sim?

I was browsing HMV when  I saw a dating sim game featured on the front page… albeit one using real-life idols instead of illustrated/drawn characters. True to tradition, it’s even released in different versions: Standard, First Press Limited, and Limited Period Manufacture

According to the product description:

AKB48 1st Official Game!!
PSP Game “AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara…”

The love simulation game like never before!!
All 48 members of AKB48 appear, and the concept is that you have to choose 1 and reject the other 47.

…I have to wonder…


Gurumin – A Monstrous Adventure

Haven’t been playing any otome games lately… been playing non-otome games non-stop though. Spore on PC, Gurumin on PSP, Puzzle Quest on NDS, an eroge on PC… haven’t found the mood to get back into otome games yet (and for that matter, still can’t decide what to play).

Gurumin for PSP is a title that’s pretty ordinary, I guess. It certainly doesn’t have the brand recognition like Crisis Core or the unique (and addictive) gameplay like Patapon, but it’s quite an enjoyable title.


Dragoneer’s Beauty

(I just had to change the title.)

After I gave up on Astonishia Story, I picked up Dragoneer’s Aria since I’m in the mood to play RPGs, and the cover art was pretty interesting. …let me say this upfront, Valen’s one of the prettiest main character I’ve ever seen. The easiest (or to say, the first result Google gave me) image I found of Valen can be found at FileFront. Scroll down and you’ll see the pretty beautiful elegant dazzling white dragoon. …it’s quite amusing when the main character’s prettier than the obviously-intended-love-interest heroine. The braided blonde hair doesn’t help either. (But I read that if compared to Calintz from Magna Carta, Valen would look like the macho-est man ever. Somehow I can’t quite disagree…) But one of the companions I’m yet to meet looks like he’s going to rival Valen’s beauty. The heroines really can’t complete…

I like his costume’s design though. For a start I like to see him walk on the field because I just like how his clothes looked. I particularly like the design of his cape from behind. Anyways, on to the game itself.


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