Rune Factory 2 released… this month…?

I completely forgot to keep track of this one… Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon is to be released this November. You can check the character pictures at Fogu.

…damn, I haven’t even finished playing the first one.
…and damn, looking at the male characters I wished we could play as a girl…


Island of Happiness – Impression

For people who play a lot of Harvest Moon series (or at least the PS one), below is my impression of Island of Happiness. I played the PS version a lot, played the ported version on NDS, played Harvest Moon DS Cute and Rune Factory (also played the one on SNES and Gameboy, but let’s ignore that one). And Island of Happiness… is a tough game to play .__. The info below you can easily find on Fogu if you read through everything there. Since this is only my impression, I’m only going to list the ones that I found surprising (both in a good and bad way).


More Harvest Moon… for Nintendo Wii

Since I don’t have the console I haven’t been paying attention to games coming out on Nintendo Wii, but these ones… I wish I can play ;__;

Tree of Tranquility will be out in English in September, while (I’m guessing) Rune Factory Frontier is still in development.

Tree of Tranquility has a feature I’ve been wanting… one where the spouse and child actually help with the farming work .__.

Rune Factory Frontier (more info here in English) seems to be related to the first Rune Factory on NDS. Same main character, some returning bachelorettes… and just another game I can’t play. Oh well ~__~

Island of Forgetfulness…?

I have no idea why… I completely forgot that Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness is out x__X
For info on the bachelors and bachelorettes which you can get this time, head over to Fogu.

For those who don’t know what Harvest Moon is… it’s a game series that started in Nintendo era, continuing to PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, PSP and NDS… this one is released for NDS.

In Harvest Moon you play as a farmer. You grow, water and harvest your crops and sell them. Tend to your livestock, get the produce and sell them. That’s one side of the game… the other side, you have to build a good relationship with the villagers you live with. You can also court one of them and get married. It might sound like a simple, boring game, but this game is the *one* game I play on whatever console I have. …I’m quite thankful it’s not released for PC, actually. The moment it’s released on PC I’d cease doing any work on my PC and would just play and not go to work *sigh*

In Island of Happiness you can choose to be male or female, so in that sense I categorise it as an otome game ๐Ÿ˜€ …a farmer otome game, but otome game nevertheless.

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