Sorayume Portable

Was just browsing for Takuyo games when I noticed that Sorayume Portable will be released in May. I thought to myself… this is too much of a good timing that it’s suspicious. There I was, looking for a new game to buy, and there was Sorayume, about which merely weeks ago I was thinking “I want to play it… wonder if they’ll port it to PSP?”

This, Harutoki 3 and then Garnet Cradle… I don’t think I can save money this year…



I’m in-between games now, so there’s not much to post.


I waited a long time for this game.

Picked up my copy of Love*Revo from the local Post Office last weekend. Can’t believe I waited for this game ever since I saw the ad for the game when it was advertised for PS2. Still found it surprising to realise that they decided to port it to PC.

However, will wait until later. Wants to finish Vitamin X first…

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