Hatoful Boyfriend – Ryouta play diary (kinda)

This post is really for people who’d… probably enjoy the sheer WTF I went through whilst playing this game. I can’t think of any other reason.
…who am I kidding, I’m posting this for myself so I can re-read this a year from now and giggle at my own expense.

I’ve heard about Hatoful Boyfriend for ages, but it just never attracted me – for that reason I never bothered to look for summaries or spoilers or anything else. I mean, I knew that I’d eventually play it, in which case why look for spoilers when I can just experience it all first-hand? Even if it took me years before deciding to play it… I’ve finally decided to play it because a colleague from work said he’d also give it a go. This post is basically me taking a screenshot every few minutes as I played this game for the first time, along with the thought that’s on my mind at that point in time.

Future me, I hope you’re grateful and entertained somehow. Please remember me, your past self, when you read this – remember those late nights spent seducing avians and go buy yourself something nice.

Please be warned that this post is IMAGE HEAVY – probably not a good idea to view this on your mobile phone.
Also: I’m not sure if the creator would be happy with me posting this many screenshots – I tried to google it but couldn’t come up with anything. If it’s not cool I’ll take this post down – just leave a comment.



Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Sweet Never Land – prologue

Yeah, I did say I’d be on hiatus.. but I really just want to post this so I can concentrate on NaNoWriMo. This post… is pretty long, by my standard ^^; But hey, maybe this will convince other people to play the game, in which case it’d be awesome 8D

Be warned that this contains spoilers, particularly during the prologue of the game (which was pretty long, which seems to be the norm for Quinrose games), before you can start branching off to pursue the different guys.


Marriage Royale – WTFRant

I tried to write a proper review for this game in the other post…

…this entry, however, is just for me to go WTF at the game. Read at your own risk; what I have to say about the game isn’t really favourable… ^^; Expect comparisons to eroge, since that is what this game should had been.


Wand of Fortune ~Mirai e no Prologue~ routes

Is it that difficult to braid someone else' hair...?

Probably a testament to the game’s enjoyment factor, I actually went back to replay some of the routes to write this entry, and I didn’t mind doing it.

…except Alvaro. I didn’t like him in the original game, and I still didn’t like him here.


Miyako – routes

…this is gonna be the a half-arsed story summary, since I can’t figure out most of the story…

Written in the order I played them. Click on each guy’s name to see their character profile.


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