Hoshi no Oujo 2 – Tachibana Kazuki

Kazuki’s 2 routes, which you can only access after getting everyone else.
As usual, post will contain story summaries, so if you don’t want to get spoiled stay away, etc, etc.

I admit I was very curious about Kazuki’s routes. Considering in the first game he passed away, and the second game was set 2 years after the first game… I wondered what sort of story he’d get.



Hoshi no Oujo 2 – route spoilers part 2

OK, this one is for the sub-characters…
Again, this post contains story summaries which should be avoided if you don’t want spoilers.

Also, the sub-characters… none of them had that past life thing going, so their stories were considerably shorter.


Hoshi no Oujo 2 – route spoilers part 1

Dividing this so it won’t be too long.
As usual, this entry will be full of spoilers… you’ve been warned. In fact, it’s probably apt to say that it’s a summary of each individual routes. To get maximum enjoyment out of the game (assuming you’re going to play), don’t read the following. …also with additional random thoughts I had while playing the game.


Hoshi no Oujo 2 – Review

Played HnO2 and finished all the routes, and I have this to say… it’s good. It’s actually good o_O

…that is, if you ignore some of the random stuff that came out of nowhere… and it would help if you start playing the game with as low an expectation as possible like I did. It’s probably because I just finished playing HnO1, so I was expecting its direct sequel to be a raep-fest… And since I started with that expectation, I was really reluctant to start playing HnO2. When it turned out that it wasn’t a raep-fest, well, that improved my interest in playing. …I can say that because I played for 12 hours non-stop during the weekend finishing 2 1/2 routes (and that’s with the skip function).


Hoshi no Oujo 2 – Characters

Have been playing Hoshi no Oujo 2, and I thought I rather post the character descriptions first, so that the later review wouldn’t end up being an overly long read.


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