New games… kind of

Pure non-sensical rambling since I haven’t finished typing up my next review \o/



Arabians Lost remake

…this post is just me, squealing like a rabid fangirl. I’ve been wishing for this announcement for a year… (; v ;   )
It my favourite among Quinrose games (am yet to play the Alice series), so seeing that there’s finally a remake for it… (; v ;  )

Pre-order, please open soon (; v ;   )

A heads up for Cafe 0

Just a heads up that roseVeRte has released Cafe 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ in English.

There was a 15% off offer for the first 20 purchases… I hurried to buy but seemed like I missed it ^^; ah well, it will have to wait until next time when I need a new game to play… for the moment I have more than enough games to play (._. ;;) …and if I’m correct my Wand of Fortune 2 is on its way to me.

Also, just another heads up, this isn’t otome but it’s for charity and in my eyes that’s awesome. The new Humble Bundle is out. I bought the previous Humble Bundle and it contained an interesting selection of indie games. This particular bundle doesn’t interest me that much… I’ll probably just purchase it as a gift or something. 8 games for as little as $5 (which goes to charity) sounds good enough of a reason to do so 🙂

To-buy list for the rest of 2011

This should be of no interest to anyone else. Just listing my (future) purchases so I can plan and budget for them properly…


New games for PS2

Looks like pre-orders’ already open. Thankfully, these are PS2 games so my wallet’s safe…

Armen Noir looks really pretty… *wistful* …for some reason I can’t find the official site for Kaeru on Takuyo’s site… maybe misread it somewhere ~_~

Speaking of new games… Shinigami to Shoujo looks really, really pretty… wish I can read the illustrator’s name (すみ兵) or find her(?) site…

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