roseVeRte’s Duplicity

Sort of stumbled across this when I was browsing for doujin otome games… I think I’m probably quite late in finding this one out, but roseVeRte currently is in the progress of translating their otome game into English. Here’s me wishing it’ll be available on DLSite, since I already have an account (and spare credit) there :3

…one of these days, I’ll get around to finishing all the games I’ve stopped playing mid-way…


Heian Love on Android

Just saw this, and it surprised me a bit… seems like Heian Love (you can read Keo’s review here) has been ported to Android… which made me happy, because that means more might be coming to Android.  Android definitely needs more otome games *nods*.

…I’m quite confused that I can (sort of) find the game by Googling it on my desktop, but can’t seem to find it at all on my mobile… is it a restricted release or something? Like, only available for the US market…? Puzzling…

(Other than that, has been quite dead to the world as work has been pretty busy and sapping me off my mood to play otome games.)

Frozen Essence

Just found another otome game in English, Frozen Essence by Unbroken Hours.

…if only I can find the mood and time to get back into gaming for more than an hour a day…

Fantasia, The Realm of Thanos

The other day, while trying to find a review for Souten no Kanata, I came across this review for an otome doujin game… which led me to the official website (which, strangely, doesn’t seem to have a direct link to download the full game…). I traversed the links until I finally got here, which seems to have the latest version of the game…

I thought it’s worth mentioning that the game was made by ONE person… a feat which would had taken impressive amount of effort and time. I’m yet to play it, as at the moment I have too much going on. But if you have played, what do you think of it?

As for me… too many things going on in real life, unfortunately. Have stopped playing games altogether in an effort to sort out everything else.

Trivia: Crimson Royale, if you ordered from Quinrose, came with a set of 3-months calendar (Aug-Oct) and a poster. I have no idea where to put up this poster in my room, which is the physical representation of Chaos (my room, not the poster)…

Otome games(?) on DLSite

A while back I remembered someone on the Forum linked to otome games on DLSite… and today I was rather bored so I decided to try to find them (and see if DLSite actually has a functional search function or not).

Managed to find a few, and some of them actually looked interesting enough that I’m considering creating an account to buy them.

Has anyone tried them? Any opinion?

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