Gloomy Sunday ~ Sombre Dimanche

After wanting this game for months, I finally bought it from DLSite. That in itself wasn’t strange… what’s strange was the fact that someone who’d readily admit to being a coward and avoids watching thriller/horror movies like a plague… decided to buy and play a thriller game. Sure, I had to stop playing every few minutes or so just to calm my nerves, but dear Lord this game was worth it.

…still not going to watch any horror/thriller movies though.



Crow A’s Pitiful Beheading

Title screen

Title: 鴉Aの哀れな断頭台 (Karasu A no Aware na Dantoudai or Crow A’s Pitiful Beheading) (can anyone help me with the romaji?)

The game here is by ZIGZAG (who sadly had ceased operation under that name, although still active as ZIGZAG[noir]). Somewhat based on the nursery rhyme “Who killed Cock Robin“, although all it did was to take the title and just sort of ran away with it.


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