Chäos;HEAd English patch

Was browsing around when I noticed that there’s a finished English patch for Chäos;HEAd. Just thought I better spread the news 😀

P.S.: Saya no Uta English patch is also finished… for those interested… #__#


Chäos;HEAd (nope, not gonna play this one)

Let me say this first and foremost: I’m a cheapskate.

When I read/play something, the first thing I want to know is whether or not the ending will be worth it. The way I see it, the ride might be enjoyable, but if in the end it lead you to a chasm it’s not going to be worth it. I don’t want to invest emotionally and spend precious time (which I don’t have a lot of) and be disappointed later on.

…yea, I’m one of those people who read the ending first before deciding whether or not I’d buy a novel.

In the case of Chäos;HEAd, I browsed forums to get a basic idea of what to expect. What I read made me decide that it’s not worth it. Highlight the following text if you really, really want to be spoiled…


NitroPlus – Chäos;HEAd

Just recently Nitro+ (NitroPlus) released a new game called Chäos;HEAd. I’m guessing most otome gamers wouldn’t have heard of this company… and that’s normal, since they usually make hentai (18+) games. Personally I’m a fan of Nitro+ (despite having only played 2 of their games…). Unlike most games in the genre, Nitro+ games has a certain… non-hentai elements to them. As in, they don’t focus on the 18+ parts of the storyline, and instead focus on the other storyline. And unlike most hentai games where you can’t proceed for 30 minutes without encountering an 18+ scene, in Nitro+ games the 18+ scenes is scarcely there… it’s there alright to warrant it an 18+ rating, but compared to the length of the storyline it’s barely there…

Anyway. I didn’t think I’d ever review Nitro+ games here since this blog is really for otome games, and I don’t know how people to react to 18+ stories. However, before Chäos;HEAd was released, I read that it’s rated 15+… which meant there’s no 18+ scenes. And I thought, why not? It’s not 18+ which meant it wouldn’t gross out anyone, and it’s a good chance to introduce the sort of stories Nitro+ made. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of dark/twisted/convoluted storylines with murders in it, and Chäos;HEAd seemed like it’s going to deliver plenty.


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