Ayashi no Miya (wiki)

I tried to find some guides for Ayashi no Miya, and to my surprise, actually found something.

  • Wiki for Ayashi no Miya (in Japanese). Has CG list, ending list etc. However, it doesn’t exactly tell you what to do or what options to pick…
  • This blog has a guide (in Japanese), but I could only found it for one character… Garan (the wolf guy). Hopefully it will add more guides for other characters…

Ayashino Miya – (maybe) Review(?)

I’m still not quite sure whether it’s meant to be spelled “Ayashi no Miya” or “Ayashino Miya”… but since I think “Miya” is her name, I’m guessing Ayashino is her surname… but the way characters kept on referring to her as “妖ノ宮”, I kept on thinking that it’s a title as much as a name… I mean, do people normally call you by your full name all the time…? The first kanji character, if not mistaken, means something like ‘spirit’ or ‘demon’, and I thought it referred to the main character’s heritage (she’s half-human, half-demon). Not sure… It’s spelled “Ayashi no Miya”, thanks to aliene’s comment 🙂


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