A Witch’s Tale – review

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It’s been pretty quiet, and I haven’t been playing any otome game… but I played and finished “A Witch’s Tale” on NDS. Now, to start… it’s puzzling that I couldn’t find an official website for this title, and could only find its wiki page. There’s a review on IGN as well, but that’s about it… I guess for screenshots you can check out the Play-Asia product page or IGN. Since I don’t know how to take screenshots off my NDS, this review won’t have any screenshots, but I’ll post some wallpapers found off Gamefaqs’ message board.



My World My Way

This is long overdue as I played this game last month… or 2 months ago… can’t remember anymore.

I posted a review on Master of Monster Lair before, and if you liked that game chances are you’d like this one. It’s set in the same world, you’ll recognise the same graphic and monsters, and you’ll see cameo appearances from Master of Monster Lair.

In this game you play as Elise, a spoiled princess who lives a lavish life and gets anything and everything she wants. …almost everything, anyway. On her birthday party Elise spotted a gorgeous young man with whom she immediately fell in love. She found out that the guy was an adventurer, and professed her love for him. Having used to having everything she wanted, she imagined the guy would be ecstatic and return her feelings… not. He scoffed at her, told her that if she wanted to have anything to do with him she’d have to be an adventurer herself before taking his leave.


Master of Monster Lair (dig me a dungeon baby!)

Been playing Master of the Monster Lair lately… actually I started playing before NaNoWriMo started, and continued after NaNoWriMo was over. Since it’s NDS, I play on the way to and from work… whereas I just haven’t had any time to play anything on PC. Actually, I can’t even explain where all the time disappears to, it’s just that every time I want to play a game on PC it’s already past midnight. Between arriving home and midnight, I can’t remember or explain just what is it I do…

The story is as follows: monsters have been ravaging the country, and the village of South Arc has already asked for help from the capital kingdom… except that the capital can’t send anyone to help, since they’re already stretched thin trying to control the monster rampage elsewhere. In the middle of this is an orphaned boy called Owen. He’s just come of age to start working, except that he doesn’t know what job he should be doing since his parents never had the chance to teach him any trades or skills. Then he found a talking shovel… who decided that Owen should become a dungeon digger. And the story starts…
…despite the simple storyline, I actually can’t stop playing x__X


Spore Creatures (NDS)

I don’t know if anyone else is interested in SPORE, but I thought, why not. It seems to be THE game of the year (much like The Sims 2 was). They were created by the same company, so I’m guessing that’s where the hype for SPORE came from (that, and the 10 years development time). In The Sims you play the ‘god’ of the people in it, in SPORE you play the ‘god’ of, well, everything (except the environment, so no throwing thunder on heathens or something).

I haven’t played the PC version yet; I visited the local game shop and the guy said he got 25 copies of SPORE everyday since the release date, and everyday all copies were gone by lunchtime. And it’s not like it’s a $20 game, the normal edition is $100 and the Galactic Edition was $120 (Aussie price).

But anyways… this post will be about the NDS version, SPORE Creatures. In the PC version there are 5 phases to go through, Cells, Creatures, Tribes, Civilisations and Space. SPORE Creatures for NDS, as its name implies, only contains the Creatures phase. One of the other differences is that in the PC version you’re free to do whatever you want, whereas in the NDS version you have a storyline and a set of goals to follow.



This is pretty much off-topic since it’s not an otome game, but…
NDS owners, if you’re looking for a cute game on NDS (which actually requires you to think/act fast), try Ecolis.


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