Where to Buy

  • Himeya Shop: Sells otome games for any console; you can even request them for games they don’t already have in stock. The way to go if you’re looking to get the tokuten goodies that usually comes with First Limited ed. items. Shipping (from Japan) is expensive. NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  • Play-Asia: Sells otome games for consoles, but no PC games. Often gives out $5 coupons. Reliable. Shipping is not free, but the end cost is still about the same compared to YesAsia. Not recommended for pre-orders as they don’t guarantee pre-order bonus.
  • Yamato-Touch: Just like Himeya and just as good, except that you can choose a cheaper shipping option. They don’t have a big catalogue for their PC games though, so you’d need to do a custom order.
  • YesAsia: Free shipping, although they often use the wrong names for their products making it difficult to search.

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