…RL dating sim?

I was browsing HMV when  I saw a dating sim game featured on the front page… albeit one using real-life idols instead of illustrated/drawn characters. True to tradition, it’s even released in different versions: Standard, First Press Limited, and Limited Period Manufacture

According to the product description:

AKB48 1st Official Game!!
PSP Game “AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara…”

The love simulation game like never before!!
All 48 members of AKB48 appear, and the concept is that you have to choose 1 and reject the other 47.

…I have to wonder…



Sweet Pool impression

The latest Nitro+Chiral yaoi game was released last December, and due to the unfortunate exchange rate I decided to read reviews first before deciding whether or not to buy it. Browsed the net and found a summary of all the possible endings for Sweet Pool (SPOILER WARNING) .

…reading it, I think… I think I’ll pass… x__X …can’t really stomach guro…

…it was mentioned that the scenario writer(s) also wrote Saya no Uta (eroge), so the sort of story it became shouldn’t be a surprise… (go here for a summary of Saya no Uta with spoilers).

Island of Happiness – Impression

For people who play a lot of Harvest Moon series (or at least the PS one), below is my impression of Island of Happiness. I played the PS version a lot, played the ported version on NDS, played Harvest Moon DS Cute and Rune Factory (also played the one on SNES and Gameboy, but let’s ignore that one). And Island of Happiness… is a tough game to play .__. The info below you can easily find on Fogu if you read through everything there. Since this is only my impression, I’m only going to list the ones that I found surprising (both in a good and bad way).


Daylight – characters



Senz – “Daylight ~Asa ni Hikari no Kanmuri wo~”

Daylight ~Asa ni Hikari no Kanmuri wo~ from Senz (go to the official site for sample pictures) is a game which, I thought, was rather unsure of what it wanted to be… it has captureable male cast, but is not an otome game since the main character is a guy. It has an all-male cast, yet is not shounen-ai… and it’s all-ages (if I didn’t misinterpret Getchu). But what it does seem to have is lots of blood, so I approve either way 😀 …remembering Chaos Head however, I hope this one has a likeable main character…

Story preview (as usual, I used software translation tool, translation might not be accurate):


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