Daylight – characters


  • Uluca Rufen: Main character. Has a strong fondness for the academy cafetaria’s special lunch menu. Is obstinate, and doesn’t believe or like Chernia’s old Legend. Although he doesn’t know it, he’s the centre of the upcoming storm…
  • Eusmylus C. R. Wintertherioum: Luca’s new roommate. Is always sleepy. Always honest as well, and doesn’t seem to communicate well as he always gives straight-to-the-point answers. Someone whose mind can’t be read from his face. Seems to have a habit of being constantly sleepy and hungry. Seems to be somewhat of a celebrity at the academy…
  • Meiolania W. Soniella: Luca’s classmate, grandchild of the academy’s head of institution. Very devoted to his duty to the academy as its leader’s successor. Seems to believe that most problems can be solved with money. Invited/forced Luca to help him investigate the school’s seven mysteries.
  • Minmi Zamites Acaharte: Mysterious twin who introduces themself as “Minmi” and “Minmi”. Attitude is somewhat haughty and surly. Suddenly appeared in front of Luca at night with harsh words. Mentioned that parents are part of the academy’s staff.
  • Vergessia Rhamphorhynchus: Physician who came to replace the biology teacher who’s on maternity leave. He has flowing golden hair and his language is like that of a woman, even though his mind and mody is undoubtedly a man’s. Has a high pride, and is on a bad term with Phor. He also oversees the academy’s health clinic, and he seems to do research every night as a hobby.
  • Phorusrhacos Le Vueltoraptor: Chef at the academy’s dining room. A carefree spirit who’s popular among students. Has a bad habit of experimenting and making strange dishes, although his usual cooking is top-notch. Has a loud mouth too, and is often accused of sexually/verbally harassing female students. On bad terms with Gessie.
  • ???: Showed up in front of Luca suddenly. Doesn’t seem to be a student at the academy, even though he’s wearing the academy’s shirt. Approached Luca with regards to a “Contract method”. His purpose is not clear…
  • Vena Tora Crusafontia: Luca’s senior at the academy. A very active person and lively person. Somewhat treats Luca like an older sister (albeit a bullying one). Is always together with roommate Pit.
  • Pikaia Turukana: Luca’s classmate, and Mei’s childhood friend from a well-to-do family. Seems gentle, but her words can be harsh. Spends most of her time with Vena.
  • Knecht: Luca’s classmate, the brainy type. One of the people Luca usually hangs out with. Roommates with Axelle.
  • Axelle: Luca’s classmate, the sporty type. One of the people Luca usually hangs out with. Roommates with Knecht.

Character names are very unique, because the story is set in its own country… Chernea is a country, apparently. …I swear it seemed like they used a random word generator. Like, put in a string of vowels and consonants and it will return a word it made up from the letter… something like that. Maybe.

Having played the game (finished with Mei’s Good End), I can say that I like the game, so I’ll continue playing it ๐Ÿ˜€ Story’s good and I like how the game deliver bits and pieces of information before revealing everything to the player. My current play order is Mei -> Gessie -> Phor – Minmi -> Eus. …saving the best 2 for the last (*^ ^*)

…if it’s of any use to anyone, I didn’t lose as much sleep while playing this game as I did when playing Ever 17. Ever 17 still has the best storyline EVER. I shouldn’t be going off-topic like this, but… if the chance ever presents itself to you, go buy Ever 17. My friend loaned me the game, I played one route… and decided to buy my own copy after 6+ hours of continuous reading and clicking (saved up money for a long time, since that time I was a poor student…). I finished one route in one sitting, and I think I played till 5 or 6 in the morning… and I can’t remember whether I missed my class because of that…

Back to topic. My first playthrough of Daylight took me about… 7, 8 hours? Then again I tried to read all the text. Subsequent playthroughs should be shorter, skipping all the read dialogues…


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  1. KeoDear
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 17:24:00

    Oooh I’ve been thinking about playing this game. D: I haven’t gotten around to installing it yet though haha….8D I hope you won’t mind me linking you on my blog too! >.> I just love what other people say and talk about these types of games. :Dd Can’t wait to read your next entry!


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