Senz – “Daylight ~Asa ni Hikari no Kanmuri wo~”

Daylight ~Asa ni Hikari no Kanmuri wo~ from Senz (go to the official site for sample pictures) is a game which, I thought, was rather unsure of what it wanted to be… it has captureable male cast, but is not an otome game since the main character is a guy. It has an all-male cast, yet is not shounen-ai… and it’s all-ages (if I didn’t misinterpret Getchu). But what it does seem to have is lots of blood, so I approve either way ๐Ÿ˜€ …remembering Chaos Head however, I hope this one has a likeable main character…

Story preview (as usual, I used software translation tool, translation might not be accurate):

Misfortunes started falling on Luca in September when he was in Year 10.
First, at the beginning of the school term, he had to move from a comfortable 1 person room to a 2 people room.
Second, his new roommate was a gloomy upperclassman.
Third, he started attracting curiousity from his classmates.
And he was nominated to become the Morning Messenger for the Departing Night Festival that was to happen in 2 months.

Chernea Academy was built on a vast site which had the tradition; the Departing Night Festival celebrated the local “Legend” of the area. There would be parties and parades, the cafetaria would have special menus and celebration would extend into the school itself because it’s such a big event. Children and adults and everyone in between looked forward to the event… except for Luca. Morning Messenger was an important role which would signal the beginning of the Departing Night Festival. However, the Morning Messenger also had to have a special briefing every early morning until the day of the festival, and the night before the festival he had to isolate himself in the temple.

After getting nominated as the Morning Messenger, Mei drafted Luca into examining the seven mysteries of the academy. The seven mysteries were somehow connected and were the clue into the “Legend” of Chernea. A roommate who liked to sleep, a curious classmate, a teacher with a particular research topic, a strange twin boys and a dangerous chef… In the dormitory, the people around Luca were also attracted to the secret of the Legend.

And thus, the “Legend” which everyone had forgotten… would begin now.

The story preview sounded pretty promising, but somehow after Hiiro no Kakera I don’t feel like getting my hopes high… for this game, or any other game. (I’d make an exception for Persona series and anything TYPE-MOON.) But yeah, in any case… will start playing this game next.

One of the reasons I want to play this game… Eus is voiced by Ishida Akira, and Minmi is voiced by Saiga Mitsuki, both my favourite seiyuus ๐Ÿ˜€ …and the makers probably knew this, because to get to his route you have to finish everyone else’ route first… as an additional incentive for self-inflicted suffering, there’s a secret that would only be viewable after you’ve seen all of the endings (including the bad ones).

…am hoping that the story would at least be interesting so I’d have the will to play through everyone’s route… if not, then please at least let the story be short D: I just want to get to Eus’ route (* * )


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