Wand of Fortune ~Mirai e no Prologue~ review

…my that was quick. Considering it’s the same price as the original game, I was hoping for something longer… with that in mind, I can’t really recommend this game unless you really liked the original game and would like to see more of the characters.

At least this time the game has an in-built screencap function, so I can post some pictures.



Wand of Fortune – review

Having finished quite a number of routes, I can say this… the game is pretty good. As in, so far I only found 1 character I dislike, but I know he’s actually pretty popular among the fans of the game so maybe it’s just me. There are 9 routes in total, 6 for the guys, 2 for Amy and Elphart-sensei, and 1 for “Everyone” (the guide I followed called it the Harem Ending, but it doesn’t seem suitable…).


Wand of Fortune – hints

Gameplay’s actually pretty simple (with the exception of the last week of gameplay), so I’m not sure what this entry is for…

On that note though, there are some differences between the PS2 and PSP version. Will note it as such if I’m aware of it.


Wand of Fortune – intro

…my desktop died a month back, so until I can get off my lazy ass and figure out what’s wrong with it, I’ll only be playing PSP games.

Finished my Real Rode playthrough on the Black route (getting Rodeo ending), and decided that I needed a break… so I picked up Wand of Fortune. Finished a few playthrough, and here’s a brief preview and characters intro.

And this game doesn’t have a screencap function… will probably add character pictures screencapped from the official site or something, when I’m not feeling lazy. Then again, people can just open the official site…


New games for PS2

Looks like pre-orders’ already open. Thankfully, these are PS2 games so my wallet’s safe…

Armen Noir looks really pretty… *wistful* …for some reason I can’t find the official site for Kaeru on Takuyo’s site… maybe misread it somewhere ~_~

Speaking of new games… Shinigami to Shoujo looks really, really pretty… wish I can read the illustrator’s name (すみ兵) or find her(?) site…

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