Crimson Empire – Prologue highlights

After so long, I finally got back into otome gaming. Hadn’t been playing any otome game for a while, most of the time trying to finish reading novels that had been waiting for months to be finished, playing online games, went on holiday, hanging out with friends more, etc… also in the middle of playing an eroge, trying to finish it so I can write a proper review on it. I was planning to not play any other game until I finish that one… but ehh, last night I saw my copy of Crimson Empire in the corner and thought, well, I’ll try to play for a bit, just get past the prologue…

…3 hours later, and I *think* I’ve just finished the prologue… I stopped playing because it was 3AM, but it looked like the prologue’s over…

The game, from what I can see in the prologue, is just my type of game; dark, mature, with equally dark jokes… and as such, I don’t think I can shut up and not tell people about it. This is a warning; whatever you’ll read will be spoilers. I suggest you stop reading if you want to play the game without any spoiler (which is the best way to play a game). The following spoilers will be from the 3 hours’ worth of prologue (and only because I just can’t shut up about it).



Crimson Empire – Characters Intro

Brief character introductions of Quinrose’ newest game, Crimson Empire (released… sometime in the future…). Intro is taken from the characters page, and translated with the help of translation tools. As such, the translation won’t be the best…


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