Shall We Date? My Sweet Prince – review

This review was in my draft for months… finished a few games a few months back, and all of them on Android.

Noticed a while back in December that the Shall We Date series by NTT Solmare was on sale, so I decided to spend the money… this review will be for Shall We Date? My Sweet Prince basic pack, containing 3 characters. I didn’t buy the add-on pack… does anyone know if the add-on packs ever go on sale…?

Please note that this review is for the Android version.



Wand of Fortune – hints

Gameplay’s actually pretty simple (with the exception of the last week of gameplay), so I’m not sure what this entry is for…

On that note though, there are some differences between the PS2 and PSP version. Will note it as such if I’m aware of it.


Real Rode – hints

Update 1, 2010/09/20: Added info on Training, and on equipping acolytes in the General Tips.

Some hints to people who want to play the game, but can’t quite understand all the kanji (not that I understood them *all*, but at least you don’t need to go through the trial-and-error I did…). Also note that I’m playing the version on PSP, and not the one on PS2… I don’t think the game system changed though.

Before I start though, let me say this: it’s a fun game to play. As in, FUN. Made me wish I can play them at home instead of just during commute to and from work…

No clue how to take a screenshot on the PSP, so sadly no screenshot in this post.


Garnet Cradle * Sugary Sparkle – review

Review for Garnet Cradle * Sugary Sparkle… mostly spoiler-free.

To sum it up though, it’s something you play only if you like the main game. The game wouldn’t give you any explanation about the relationships established in the main game, so if you try to play this one before playing the main game, you’ll most likely get confused… also, the mini-games will probably get you annoyed.


Last Escort: Club Katze – hints

I used this guide, although La Primavera also has a walkthrough. However, if you feel like playing without a guide, below are some hints you would (severely) need (depending on your Japanese skill).

…actually, it’s also a reminder for myself, since it took me a while to understand the guide or what I’d need to do…


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