Garnet Cradle Portable – review

…so… there’s been a slew of new otome games on PSP, and yet… I’m not sure why I decided to replay an older game instead. Especially when some of those new releases were ones I’d been eagerly waiting for, anticipating their arrival at my doorstep… ah well.

This review is… mostly a comparison to the PC version, with additional, most likely spoiler-y thoughts and rambles. So really this is more for people who’ve played the PC version and wondered if the PSP port is worth replaying. Read at your own risk.



Garnet Cradle tokuten

While cleaning up my room, I found my misplaced Garnet Cradle tokuten… and having played the game, the tokuten suddenly held more interest to me. FYI, tokuten for Garnet Cradle was a booklet containing concept sketches & design… and a tumbler, which still sits in its box unopened. I think the first time I leafed through the booklet, the sketches inside weren’t that interesting to me because I couldn’t relate it to the game, and didn’t notice the significance. Having played the game… well, it just made the tokuten a lot more interesting.

Sorry for the picture quality though, used my mobile phone camera…


Garnet Cradle * Sugary Sparkle – review

Review for Garnet Cradle * Sugary Sparkle… mostly spoiler-free.

To sum it up though, it’s something you play only if you like the main game. The game wouldn’t give you any explanation about the relationships established in the main game, so if you try to play this one before playing the main game, you’ll most likely get confused… also, the mini-games will probably get you annoyed.


Garnet Cradle – review

Finally finished playing Garnet Cradle, after sacrificing my sleep for almost a week straight…

The review should be pretty general and devoid of spoilers 🙂 …and most probably biased. Because:

  • it’s illustrated by Carnelian;
  • after the angst-fest that was HnO2, Garnet Cradle was pure joy by being pure fluff.


Garnet Cradle at Yamato-Touch

Just a heads-up to let people know that Yamato-Touch had put up Garnet Cradle in their database. The base price is more expensive than Himeya, but after you add shipping cost it ends up cheaper than Himeya.

Here’s hoping they’d stop delaying the release date…

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