Hector: Badge of Carnage – review

Hubby bought this game for me off Steam when it was on sale, and I spent one of my weekends playing all 3 episodes. I’ll start by saying that you like your games to be non-offensive and to be politically correct… you’ll loathe Hector. If you don’t like toilet jokes, stay away as well.



TRAUMA – review

Among the game I got from the last Humble Bundle was TRAUMA by Krystian Majewski, an interesting conceptual game which you can try online. It’s not an otome game but it’s worth trying; while the story concept isn’t unique, the execution is.


Bastion – review

Title screen

I was on holiday last week, and instead of playing otome games I was playing Bastion… somewhat rather obsessively, I have to admit. I had planned to have one full day just playing otome games from morning till night… in the morning I thought that I’d just play 1 stage in Bastion, just 1, there should be no harm in that… next thing I knew it was already nighttime and I had missed lunch and dinner. And didn’t even feel it.  So kudos to Supergiant Games for making such a fun game.

Also, warning, while the images you can see in the official website are medium in size, the ones I have on this post are HUGE. All the better to appreciate the scenery pr0n with :3


Portalicious goodness (Portal)

Am sort of back from hiatus, but haven’t been playing any otome games at all… as a matter of fact, I’ve been sucked into Portal. The official site doesn’t really explain what sort of game it is, so go to Wikipedia. I started playing Portal since the second game was coming up, and I thought I wanted to finish the first game before moving on to the second one. My post will mostly be about… well, me converting into a Portal fangirl. Hard.


Gloomy Sunday ~ Sombre Dimanche

After wanting this game for months, I finally bought it from DLSite. That in itself wasn’t strange… what’s strange was the fact that someone who’d readily admit to being a coward and avoids watching thriller/horror movies like a plague… decided to buy and play a thriller game. Sure, I had to stop playing every few minutes or so just to calm my nerves, but dear Lord this game was worth it.

…still not going to watch any horror/thriller movies though.


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