Princess Concerto – “Unmei no Dear”

When I last posted about Princess Concerto, I mentioned that it had a nice opening song. After posting that post, suddenly I felt like listening to the song again… found a video on YouTube (embedded below) which has the full version of the song, even if the graphic quality isn’t very good. But good enough, I think, to quench my longing to hear the song. Also, Alfred is one of the cutest main character in a non-otome game I’ve seen for a long time (*^__^* ) I really like his clothes’ design (in the first half of the video, he’s the one shown riding a horse, red clothes). Check this YouTube video if you want to see CG scenes from the game (accompanied by a completely unrelated song).



Princess Concerto – Gameplay

NOTE: I posted this elsewhere before… and this game was very enjoyable, and deserves to be reposted. Princess Concerto was made by Broccoli, and I wrote this review when the game was still for PC. The game had since been ported to PS2. …an interesting extra, when the game was first released for PC the limited edition cost way too much for a game. The reason? They included a dress/gown with the game… an exact replica of the white gown worn by the rose princess. Yes, you can specify whether you want the S/M/L size for the gown with the game. Yes, you’re essentially paying for the dress/gown and the game pretty much comes as an extra….


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