Bundle Giveaway

I’ve reviewed East Tower and How to Take Off Your Mask recently, and I’d love to see more people playing and reviewing these games. I bought extra bundles from IndieGala when it was available, thinking someone else would be happy to have them as well…

So here’s the deal – I have 2 extra IndieGala bundles to give out, containing a number of RoseVerte games (East Tower + 3 other games). The rules are:

  1. You need to have a Steam account, as the game need to be redeemed via Steam (creating a new account is pretty easy).
  2. You need to be a fairly active otome game reviewer (given my own abysmal posting record, I’d consider 12 posts in the last 12 months as ‘active’).
  3. Leave a comment with your mail address and blog address; email address so I can email you the gift, and blog address so I can check your blog and add it to my blogroll 😀
  4.  You need to review at least one of the games in the bundle in the next, say, 3 months…?
  5. Entry is open for a week from the date this is posted.
  6. …assuming there will be more than 2 entries (I’m being highly optimistic) I’ll use a random number thingie to pick the winner(s). Winners will be announced in this post, so check back in a week…?

UPDATE: I’m highly amused that there’s no entry ヽ( ̄~ ̄ )ノ I can only assume that people aren’t that keen to create a Steam account, or that people aren’t interested in RoseVerte games – if you happen to see this update, can you vote on the poll? It’s just to satisfy my curiosity (*¯ ³¯*)♡

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