Marriage Royale – WTFRant

I tried to write a proper review for this game in the other post…

…this entry, however, is just for me to go WTF at the game. Read at your own risk; what I have to say about the game isn’t really favourable… ^^; Expect comparisons to eroge, since that is what this game should had been.



Daylight – Legend

This is the Legend which the Departing Night Festival was based on. Translated using translation software and a dictionary… again, translation won’t be the best. Throughout the storyline, there will be pieces of the Legend told to the player. It belongs to the common route; so whoever’s route you’re on you’ll still get the same Legend.


Daylight – Background information (sort of)

The following post will contain spoilers. If you want to play the game without any spoiler stop reading now.


Chäos;HEAd (nope, not gonna play this one)

Let me say this first and foremost: I’m a cheapskate.

When I read/play something, the first thing I want to know is whether or not the ending will be worth it. The way I see it, the ride might be enjoyable, but if in the end it lead you to a chasm it’s not going to be worth it. I don’t want to invest emotionally and spend precious time (which I don’t have a lot of) and be disappointed later on.

…yea, I’m one of those people who read the ending first before deciding whether or not I’d buy a novel.

In the case of Chäos;HEAd, I browsed forums to get a basic idea of what to expect. What I read made me decide that it’s not worth it. Highlight the following text if you really, really want to be spoiled…


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