Les Fleursword – review

Les Fleursword is an otome game for PC you can get from Steam. Let me start this by saying that on Steam the review is mostly negative (as of posting this review) and… I guess it does kinda deserve that rating. Not that the story/game was bad, just… the translation quality was pretty bad. It’s like someone just put through all of the games’ text through Google translate and slotted it back into the game. I still found it understandable though… you just need to do some mental gymnastics.

Having that said, the game was pretty cheap – and my tolerance level goes in inverse proportion to a game’s price. Given that this game was only around ~$2, my tolerance level for this game was accordingly pretty high. High enough I didn’t actually mind sitting through the game reading that translation…



Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve – review

Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve is a free, short game you can download from Steam or itch.io.  It’s a game with a Halloween theme, so it felt rather amusing to play this in January.

The game is pretty short (2-3 hours), so this is also a short review.


Seven Boys 2 – review

Title ScreenHappy New Year! …it is somewhat embarrassing to note that I last updated this blog in 2016… but then again, writing review was beginning to feel like a chore so I just kinda stopped. …plus I picked up a new hobby so all my money kinda goes into the new hobby ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ I took some time off work so I was able to sit down and just… played games. Here’s one of them, which I bought from Steam end of year sale for U$0.55. At that price, I decided, ehhh, why not. Steam told me I had about ~10 hours in the game – for the price, I was pretty happy with it.

If you need a guide, I used this one (the guide skipped the common route and started from the individual routes). More

How To Take Off Your Mask – review

20160402195345_1This game was part of a recent IndieGala bundle – I’m glad it was included because I would not had thought to try this game otherwise due to the price ($15). I was looking for something cute and simple and this seemed to fit the bill. It’s also available on Steam.

The game is in English, although it’s voiced in Japanese… the screenshots from the official site is in Japanese but I couldn’t find the option anywhere to change the text to Japanese, so I guess the option’s not available.


East Tower series – review

20160410174624_1One of the recent IndieGala bundle contained all 4 of the game in the East Tower series – the game popped up on my radar when the first one was released, but back then I decided to wait until the game’s “complete”, and I think that was the right decision. This game is also available from Steam, which is awesome because Steam cloud \( ̄▽ ̄)/

Do excuse me for this review – since there are 4 different games I decided to only post screenshots from the 1st game as opposed to taking screenshots from all of them.


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