Shall We Date? My Sweet Prince – review

This review was in my draft for months… finished a few games a few months back, and all of them on Android.

Noticed a while back in December that the Shall We Date series by NTT Solmare was on sale, so I decided to spend the money… this review will be for Shall We Date? My Sweet Prince basic pack, containing 3 characters. I didn’t buy the add-on pack… does anyone know if the add-on packs ever go on sale…?

Please note that this review is for the Android version.



Ouji-sama no Negai – review

I was browsing through the Android Play Store when I came across Ouji-sama no Negai by Accela… and I thought, hey, it’s free, why not give it a try. Long story short, the game’s broken enough that I can’t really recommend anyone to play it… note that the game I played was for Android in Japanese.


Tengu Otogi Zoushi – review

Somehow whilst doing house move I managed to finish this game, and only had the time to write a review now.

This is an mobile otome game available on Android in JAPANESE. So please don’t ask me if it’s available in English or if it will be translated etc.  I think it’s available in iOS… This game was actually an impulse purchase for me since I liked the theme, but it turned out to be pretty good. No music or any sound whatsoever, but you get 5 different guys for the price so…


My Forged Wedding on Android – review

Was browsing the Android Market when I saw that My Forged Wedding is out on Android. Since I like the theme and I was on the lookout for a short game, I bought one of the characters… impression, chara intro and mini-review to follow.


Heian Love on Android

Just saw this, and it surprised me a bit… seems like Heian Love (you can read Keo’s review here) has been ported to Android… which made me happy, because that means more might be coming to Android.  Android definitely needs more otome games *nods*.

…I’m quite confused that I can (sort of) find the game by Googling it on my desktop, but can’t seem to find it at all on my mobile… is it a restricted release or something? Like, only available for the US market…? Puzzling…

(Other than that, has been quite dead to the world as work has been pretty busy and sapping me off my mood to play otome games.)

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