Random post. I was reading Yumii’s latest blog update where she mentioned that the result for Wand of Fortune character poll is out…



Aksys Otome game survey

Saw a post at encubed about Aksys Games conducting an otome game survey. If you have some time, why not try to fill in the survey? Who knows, maybe something good will come out of it ๐Ÿ˜€

Heterodoxy no more

Being a fan of Heterodoxy, I periodically go to the site to see if there’s any new game… and found out today that they’re shutting down ;__;

If you’re thinking of buying their game, your only chance is now… from what I can gather, by the end of May you can no longer buy their game. Also, for those who has The Second Reproduction or Queen of Darkness –first moon– or –replay+–, there’s an update patch which added a Valentine’s day scenario.

…apart from that… just sad ;__;

EDIT: The link above had completely died, and whatever’s remained of the content had been moved here. You can still download the patch there, but unsure how long until that page is gone too…

Ports… left, right, front, back, centre…

Reading Lijakaca’s latest update on new game releases got me to think… if a game is popular enough, it will get ported to multiple platform. Some cases I can remember on the top of my head (plus the ones Lijakaca wrote):


Spica – “Garnet Cradle”

Just read on the Neo Romance Forum that Orbit Soft formed a sub-branch for otome games called Spica (open the link to see the art). Their debut game will be Garnet Cradle (which doesn’t really have any content yet…), illustrated by none other than the mighty Carnelian.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! *is a rabid, massive, helpless Carnelian fan*

……no release date yet *sigh*. Hurry up and give a release date so I can place a pre-order…

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