Kashima – Parfums Prothetiques

Maiden Shot to Death

This was another artbook my friends recommended to me, and it’s quite an unusual one. It’s difficult to describe, but to me… this artbook managed to be elegant, haunting, beautiful and macabre at the same time. …not sure how.

Parfums Prothetiques
Author: Kashima
Format: Hardcover with paper jacket, A4
Publisher: ???, August 2010
64 pages, full color, 3780yen (without tax)
Japanese text with English translation

When you see the price, and think about how it’s 200 pages less compared to Kazuaki Artworks… yea, this is a pricey artbook. Also, photos are rather dark… I tried a different approach, but then I got glares from the light reflecting off the page, and decided to use the darker photos instead.



Kazuaki – Kazuaki Artworks

Last week I was having an artbook lust… it’s a once-a-year affliction where I want buy pretty, pretty artbooks to add to my collection. Promised a friend that I’d write a review once the artbooks arrived, and I thought, rather than posting this to my private journal, I might as well post the review here… who knows, someone out there might be interested. Said friend’s blog is here. She’s been reviewing artbooks lately (because I kept pestering her to), so who knows, maybe something interesting will catch your eye. (…that’s actually a pretty bizarre phrase, but I’ll stop rambling now…)

So, details:

Kazuaki Artworks
Author: Kazuaki
Format: Softcover, 11.7 in x 8.3 in
ISBN: 9784860720766
Publisher: © Mandarake Publishing, 07/30/2010
264 pages, full color, 2800yen (without tax)
Japanese text

Do pardon the picture quality. No scanner so I just have to make do with my camera.

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