Les Fleursword – review

Les Fleursword is an otome game for PC you can get from Steam. Let me start this by saying that on Steam the review is mostly negative (as of posting this review) and… I guess it does kinda deserve that rating. Not that the story/game was bad, just… the translation quality was pretty bad. It’s like someone just put through all of the games’ text through Google translate and slotted it back into the game. I still found it understandable though… you just need to do some mental gymnastics.

Having that said, the game was pretty cheap – and my tolerance level goes in inverse proportion to a game’s price. Given that this game was only around ~$2, my tolerance level for this game was accordingly pretty high. High enough I didn’t actually mind sitting through the game reading that translation…



Diva and King – review

Still clearing my review backlog. I’ve finished 1 route of Harem Marriage Royale, and decided to finish a few more before writing a review… also I just realised now that I have a review index, my tags are obsolete so I’ll be cleaning them up.

So anyways, this was my latest doujin purchase, and after this I ran out of DLSite games to review. This is an 18+ game, but I won’t post any of the 18+ screenshot since you can see them yourself at DLSite. By the way, ignore the review keywords at DLSite… I wrote a review and for some reason all the keywords I originally selected were changed, so those keywords are inaccurate. Queried DLSite and still waiting for response.


Hoshi no Oujo 2 – Review

Played HnO2 and finished all the routes, and I have this to say… it’s good. It’s actually good o_O

…that is, if you ignore some of the random stuff that came out of nowhere… and it would help if you start playing the game with as low an expectation as possible like I did. It’s probably because I just finished playing HnO1, so I was expecting its direct sequel to be a raep-fest… And since I started with that expectation, I was really reluctant to start playing HnO2. When it turned out that it wasn’t a raep-fest, well, that improved my interest in playing. …I can say that because I played for 12 hours non-stop during the weekend finishing 2 1/2 routes (and that’s with the skip function).


Hoshi no Oujo 2 – Characters

Have been playing Hoshi no Oujo 2, and I thought I rather post the character descriptions first, so that the later review wouldn’t end up being an overly long read.


Hoshi no Oujo 1

Haven’t been playing new games lately, but then I thought… I could write about older games, the ones I played before I started a blog to record the games I played… and among them I remembered playing the first Hoshi no Oujo game, and I remembered being highly ‘impressed’ by it. …too ‘impressed’, perhaps, that I decided to not play any of the other games in the series (until Hikari no Tsubasa came out).

My review is this: it’s a tear-jerker game. If you like games where you have to reach for tissue quite often, or where you don’t mind seeing the main character experiencing tragedy and misfortunes, then this is the game for you. Let me put it this way; the game opened by showing how much the main character and her older step-brother cherished each other, how much they cared for each other… and finished off the prologue with the brother dying off an incurable disease. Yeah, it’s that kind of game. …anything below this line is spoiler-ish, based on what I could remember from playing it all those years go…


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