The Devil’s Calling! – review

This was one of the reviews I had languishing unfinished… might as well finish it now I guess.

The Devil's Calling!This is one of the few games I actually managed to finish in 2014. I had some DLSite points that was about to expire, so I thought might as well use them up and get something. Looked through the games on my wishlist and decided to get The Devil’s Calling! because the premise sounded cute.

…let me start by saying that I wished I had bought another game instead.

For no particular reason a demon king and his attendant appeared in Sanae’s bedroom, intent on taking over the world or maybe just to have fun in the human world (I can’t remember, it’s been ages since I played this). However his power was sealed and he had to defeat or conquer a hero to regain his power… and Sanae was it, in this instance, because of her prowess with a golf club (nearly beat the demon king to death with it when he first showed up as she thought he was a pervert) made the king and his attendant considered her a hero. Anyhow as he had no power he couldn’t even return to his realm, so Sanae made him go to work as she didn’t want him to just mooch off her. One way or another he ended up doing the same job as Sanae, which was a caretaker at a kindergarten. And from there their daily life started.

This game was voiced and I guess that’s what driving the price up… because the length of the story was rather short for what you paid. You only have 1 character to pursue, and even though the character of Maou was entertaining he didn’t give off much of a romantic feel until near the end of the game, where he was promptly cockblocked and the game ended.

There were other characters in the game to add to the story, and they made the story interesting… but I got this feeling that the game ended just as the real story was about to start. Maybe I’m used to longer story arcs? I’m not sure…

Sanae was pretty entertaining as a main character and her interactions with Maou were cute, but those on its own was not enough to carry the game. Even at the end when they’re about to finally get together, something else happened and their relationship… just kinda jumped back to square one. …I want my romantic raburabu moment :-<

There wasn’t a lot of CG either… hence I decided to not include any CG for this review – there’s not a lot of them to begin with. This was a game which I don’t see myself redownloading ever, unfortunately 😦

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