Just came back from a 2-weeks holiday… I was rushing trying to get everything sorted out and didn’t think about updating the blog. …oh well.

Also, acquired a PSP during my holiday 😀 finally! Having that said, I have to mention this… Patapon is helluva fun (that official website has downloadable game demo). Assuming you know Dance Dance Revolution (PS2/arcade) or Elite Beat Agents (NDS), Patapon is a game that follows that tradition, but executed wonderfully.

Dance Dance Revolution doesn’t really need an explanation. Arrows come up on the screen, and when it reaches a certain position you have to step on the corresponding arrow (on the provided platform). The more accurate you are the more points you get. In Elite Beat Agents, you have to follow the rhythm and tap the touch screen to get points (assuming you get your timing correct). In Patapon… you do everything by pressing the correct button combination following a certain rhythm.


  • square, square, square, circle will advance your Patapons
  • circle, circle, square, circle will make your Patapons attack any visible obstacle/enemy
  • etc

And you can’t just press the button combinations… you have to press them following a certain beat. Thankfully the game doesn’t set the beat; you do. You can sit down and do nothing for a minute before deciding to move your Patapons again, no problem. However, if you manage to continuously execute commands, you’ll make a combo and after 10 combo your Patapons will enter Fever mode and pretty much double their attack power. Doing missions will also gain you materials to create more Patapons, and sometimes you’ll find armour/weapon to equip your Patapons with.

It might sound too much of an effort, memorising the button sequence… but to be honest, after 2-4 times doing practice mission I didn’t even think about it anymore. The game’s too much fun to be hindered by that minor detail. To be honest, I rather sit down and play again rather than updating this blog D: That’s how bad it is…

Needless to say, if you’re rhythm-deaf this game will be very challenging for you. But if you enjoyed Elite Beat Agents and the likes, you should at the very least give this game a try.

You can play a flash version of Patapon here. Be warned, you’d need the volume turned up. Otherwise how are you going to enjoy the rhythmical beat…?


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