Himehibi ~Princess Days~ – Review

Owari~! Finished playing all the routes (minus the Bad End) ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s a light-hearted game, and pretty cute (and somewhat humorous). Don’t expect overly complicated storyline or dramatic romance; I’d say it’s somewhat a standard shoujo romance story. But that’s also its good point, the language isn’t that difficult to understand if you’re not really proficient in Japanese (unlike, say, Hiiro no Kakera…). I found that it’s simply an enjoyable game ๐Ÿ˜€ There were some pure LOL moments in the game as well (Yamato and the cat? Priceless.) Characters were also likeable, and it’s a game where I decided to play after all the chaseable characters just to see how their story would develop.

And yes, seiyuu played a big factor… the seiyuu for this game was very good. In terms of how much of the game is voiced, it’s your standard… Other people apart from the main character are voiced; non-chaseable characters like Koi’s grandfather was also voiced. It helped me a lot in understanding the storyline… Since playing on PSP meant I couldn’t use AGTH, the fact that all the characters were voiced were just awesome.

The game ran for approximately 3 weeks of in-game time. While a part of me is rather skeptical that you can fall in love in 3 weeks, in the game the story developed well enough that nothing felt strange or forced. Again, the romance is pretty, how to say it… vanilla? None of the scene in the game made me go “Gyaaaaa~~~ <3” like I do when playing Quinrose games. (…well, ok, only when playing Curtis Nile’s route…)

Characters shared route; Masaya shared a route with Naohito-senpai, Hikaru shared a route with Yamato and Tsukimoto shared a route with Rinto-sensei. What this means is that in the first week of story the storyline’s pretty much the same for everyone, save for the minor variety in choosing whom to talk to, what answers to pick etc. In the second week you’d start seeing more route-specific shared between 2 characters. For example, on a weekend if you’re on Masaya-Naohito route Koi’d go to an amusement park, while on Hikaru-Yamato route she’d be going shopping, while the rest of the storyline (the majority of it) would remain the same among the 6 routes. The third week is where the route turned pairing-specific. The third week of Masaya-Naohito route, for example, will be completely different from Tsukimoto-Rinto route. Thank God for the skip function.

Gameplay is pretty much your standard ADV, with additional 2 mini games. The mini games, I think, worked to increase your popularity at school…? I don’t know if it actually did anything… The first mini game was a game where you cheer on runners. Each runner has points on him, positive and negative. The aim of the game is to cheer on the ones that have positive points to increase your score by pressing the corret buttons on the runners with positive points. The second mini-game… there’s a row of buttons on top of the screen, and you have to press the button in order as fast as you can. No penalty when you press the wrong button.

…I can’t comment about the music, because to be honest I can’t remember anything. …is that good or bad…?

CG was well drawn. The drawing style was clean and simple, and to my delight it’s consistent throughout every CG and character paper dolls. Each character got around 10 CGs, and my only complaint… *spoiler* Everyone else apart from Tsukimoto got a kiss CG. …why? I thought, he’s a mature character and he didn’t even get a kiss scene…? *spoiler*

My favourite character: Rinto-sensei -> Masaya -> Yamato. So yes, Ishida-san’s character did end up as my favourite character again…

There are guides you can follow (in Japanese), at La Primavera or Peche.


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  1. Sumire
    Apr 17, 2010 @ 19:34:52

    I don’t suppose there are any places I can DL any of these otome games, can I? ; u; [hongfire refuses to load on me -_-]

    LOL, fairly easy Japanese? I’m all for it XD


    • sharakael
      Apr 19, 2010 @ 10:28:04

      Sorry, but I can’t help you there… The first (and last) time I tried to download an otome game for PSP it didn’t work anyway, so in the end I just buy whichever games I want to play. So… can’t help you there.


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