Daylight – Review

Now that I’ve finished Mei, Gessie and Phor’s route, I thought I should be able to write a decent review on the game. It’s a good game. And I’m not just saying that because of the droolable main target Eus…

All dialogues were fully voiced, fortunately. This includes the main character’s (Luca) dialogues, and it’s voiced even when he’s only thinking to himself. And the game is filled with dialogues… I can’t remember seeing any narrative text. The game is played from Luca’s perspective, and as such, it’s him who’s telling the story… which makes the whole game fully, completely voiced. Which is excellent, because AGTH translation is rather gibberish. Speaking of AGTH, Mastress from Hongfire found the AGTH code (I gave up on trying), so kudos to her 😀 For those interested, the AGTH code is /HS-20@413061. …I found that the resulting translation confused me more often than not though… the voiced dialogues is a saviour.

…if it’s not clear enough, the game is ADV. It’s the standard visual novel where you read text and gets to choose an option every once in a while.

Luca as a main character is easy to sympathise with. He’s not annoying, and his reaction upon finding out what was to happen to him wasn’t overly done. I actually like him, and is curious to see what he’d do next. I want to know how he’d react in other people’s storyline…

Art is well done. I was very happy to see that characters have different poses. The usual staple was “same pose, different facial expressions”… Daylight actually has a few pose for each character, so the conversation between the characters seemed more… how to say it… not stagnant? CG scenes are well drawn, although I wish there had been more of it. Probably there’s about 5+ CGs that’s character-specific, and the rest belongs to the common route. CG scenes I have nothing to complain about. I like dark-themed games, so this game’s art makes me happy.

Music is good. It doesn’t distract from the game, yet at the same time it’s not memorable either. At times the timing seems a bit off to me… a tense/serious song would suddenly start playing and I’d expect something to happen, but nothing really happened. Sometimes it’s just a slight change in the dialogue’s tone, but since everything was dialogue anyway I guess it warrants it.

Seiyuu… whoever’s voicing the ???, his voice is damn sexy D: Am really looking forward to playing his route… Akira Ishida’s character is a gloomy persona this time, and I have no complaint about his voice. Overall, the seiyuus seem to fit the character designs like a glove. No case of mismatched impression there.

The game gives you enough hints throughout the game for you to figure out what’s to happen. I think halfway through the game I figured out what was going to happen (before Luca did). However, it doesn’t detract from the game… I knew what was going to happen, but I didn’t know how the characters would resolve the situation on hand so I kept on playing. Speaking of story pacing by the way, the first half of the game was pretty slow with barely anything happening. The latter half picked up, and then it was over too soon… and onwards to the next gameplay. My current playthrough will be for Minmi. I actually like this game, so I’ll play through all the good and bad endings to unlock the secret in the omake. …dunno how many hours I’d need…

Will you need a walkthrough? …yes, I guess. Unless your Japanese is good and you know which answer is the good one to give to the character. For example, at one point in the game Luca would see Gessie and was given the option to call out or to do nothing. If you’re on Gessie’s route, then it’s pretty obvious which one you should pick. The other options are sadly not as obvious…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KeoDear
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 19:38:00

    I’m curious as to what the omake is for this game. It’s nice that they do that though since some games don’t have any. ToT O.o It’s pretty interesting that they even voiced him for his thoughts though…


  2. Sharakael
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 12:39:00

    Yeah… wish more games would voice its main character. It makes the game a lot easier to understand…


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