Last Escort: Club Katze – routes

Spoilers for the routes in Last Escort: Club Katze. Routes are also in the order I played them.

To put it simply, to me the most entertaining route was Hiiragi’s and not just because his seiyuu is Junichi Suwabe. While playing the game, I kept on wondering… for a game that’s rated CERO D, the game felt very… tame. The thought persisted during the first 5 playthroughs, got challenged by the 6th playthrough, and when Hiiragi’s route started I *understood* why the game was rated CERO D. …yeah, it’s that kind of route. I think Hiiragi alone pushed the rating to CERO D…



寒空の下 - Tsubasa

Voice by Tachibana Shinnosuke (Saariya in Garnet Cradle), although I couldn’t hear any Saariya in his voice… understandable since they’re different characters, I guess. His route had the main character (Izumi) discovering that he was left by his fiancee for a host, so for revenge he joined a host club (honestly at this point I realised that I shouldn’t be expecting anything dramatic from the game…). At one point he even yelled at the main character saying that a woman who visited a host club wouldn’t understand him, etc.

Anyway, in his route he got injured during a dance practice and was sent to hospital, although his injury was not serious. But when Izumi visited him with Asato, while Tsubasa remembered Asato, he couldn’t remember Izumi (selective amnesia?). Later Tsubasa remembered her when he saw the birthday gift Izumi gave him.

There was a part where Tsubasa got an offer to go overseas to perform or something, and he threw a fit when he found out that he got the offer because Izumi recommended him, saying that it meant he didn’t get the offer due to his skill but due to sympathy, etc. …I really just wanted to yell at him to shut up, a golden offer wasn’t something that would come by everyday… anyway they made up and in the ending Izumi went along overseas as his manager. The bonus end just showed them overseas in New York. You can read more at Autumn Leaf’s LiveJournal entry.



シャンパンコールの練習で - Asato

Asato’s route was actually pretty innocent… he’s pretty cute when he’s being jealous of Izumi spending time with the other hosts though. And his confession scene was cute as well, with him asking Izumi if she had anyone she liked, and if not if she would fall for him.

In his route his indie band was trying to get contracted by a major label, and Asato realised that he needed to improve a lot before that could be achieved… for instance, he didn’t even know how to sing properly -__- Izumi told the other hosts, and they decided to help Asato… for example, Ryuusei taught Asato fashion sense, Tsubasa taught him dancing, Johan taught him melody/singing, etc.

He finally got the contract, but there was a scandal when they discovered that he had been working as a host. That issue was solved, and in the ending Club Katze got really popular because of Asato (he still worked as a host).



初めてのカッツェ - Johan

…I know people have been saying that his route was cute, but I personally disliked his route. Even if he’s a megane character, his personality reminded me too much of Sakuya. So Izumi met him through piano lessons, and when he mentioned about being a foreign student in need of more cash she brought him to Club Katze to as a piano player. His route was mostly misunderstanding + love triangle (with Tsubasa)… he thought Tsubasa and Izumi were an item and started avoiding Izumi etc. You can read a more detailed write-up on Johan’s route on Autumn Leaf’s LJ. I didn’t like him that much, and didn’t feel like writing more of his route…

The only thing I remembered was that when Johan’s grandma was ill (his only remaining relative) and he had no money to go back and visit her, Izumi offered to give Johan money for the flight fare. My thought was along this line: “Whoa, not even a confession scene yet and you’re already his SUGAMOMMAH?! @_@ ”



メリークリスマス - Ryuusei

Ryuusei… just go to another one of Autumn Leaf’s LJ entry to read about his route. I tried to write something, but everytime I tried it just sounded flat (then again, as is everything else I wrote ~_~; ). That write-up I found was a lot better than what I could/would write… (Let me be lazy this time.) I quite liked the song he sang when he became the no. 1 host 😀 I think the most endearing qualities you see from Ryuusei’s route were how mature he was, and that he liked sweets and wasn’t afraid to admit it. Oh, not to forget how he kept on helping the newbie hosts and covered up for their mistakes ^^;



突然の雨 - Kanade

Voiced by Saiga Mitsuki, which probably explained my bias. He and Johan were both the type of character who lacked confidence, and yet I liked Kanade but not Johan. So Kanade was the newest host, and being new he was always nervous about whether or not he was doing a good job etc. He really, really loved books, which probably explained my other bias for him. His dream was to save up money from the host work to open up his own book cafe.

Problem only arose when his oldest sister found out that he’s been working as a host and forced him to quit, even going as far as implementing curfew so that he had to go home straight after classes at uni. There was 1 scene that got me laughing since it’s a reverse Romeo & Juliet, with Kanade being the one on the balcony… too bad the “Romeo” was wearing a skirt, and so didn’t even consider the idea of climbing up. Anyway the issue was solved when he decided to tell his sisters that he couldn’t forever be their “little brother” (guy got 3 older sisters mothering him, no wonder…). The ending showed him studying overseas, while calling and sending letters regularly to Izumi to maintain their relationship. The bonus ending had him back and finally opening his book cafe with Izumi.



おうちでデート - Rei

Rei’s that character with hidden emotional issues. Izumi noticed that whenever Rei was around Ryuusei wouldn’t smoke, and one time she mentioned wanting to play tennis Rei replied that she should pick a different sport to try. Turned out he got major emotional issues with his father (his father smoked, thus Rei always got upset when he saw someone smoking) and had stopped talking to his mother (even though she’s not at fault). At one stage he had also been a pro tennis player, but quit due to injuries (and something to do with his Dad, I really didn’t get it). Anyway Izumi helped him to overcome his emotional issues, he started talking to his Mom and picked up tennis again.

3 things that won me over in Rei’s route… he mentioned that Izumi was his first love. Despite being the no. 2 host and not lacking in female attention, he said Izumi was the first one he ever felt anything for. The second one… during one of the Club events all the guests were given chocolate. Izumi ate the chocolate and said that it’s nice since it had liquor in it, and Rei asked if he could have some since he hadn’t actually tried the chocolate himself. When Izumi said go ahead, Rei then tasted the chocolate… from her mouth *LOL* While a flustered Izumi asked what the hell he was doing, he answered matter-of-fact that he was tasting the chocolate XD Thirdly, he really liked cats and dogs (he often visited Ryuusei to play with Ryuusei’s dog… and ignoring Ryuusei himself XD ), and at one point during the game even picked up a stray cat although in the end Izumi ended up caring for the it. …either he’s genuine, or really cunning because then he had an excuse to always visit Izumi ^^;

His ending was pretty funny… in the game, near the end he decided to resign from Club Katze since he’s dating Izumi, but Hiiragi persuaded him to stay until he got married XD and in the Bonus Ending, he’s married and working as a businessman… and one morning Hiiragi called to say “Hi, can I talk to your wife? Aah, Izumi, Club Katze is currently understaffed, can we borrow your husband until we get someone new?” XD



遅刻のお詫び - Hiiragi

Voiced by Suwabe Junichi to perfection. His route can be described in 1 word: sekuhara. The CG of him *not* doing sekuhara is an exception to the rule. And yet it’s my favourite route. …okay I admit it’s the Suwabe bias (Suwabias?). You can read up his route on Autumn Leaf’s LJ entry, so instead I’ll just write about the things I found hillarious from his route.

At one point during the story, all of the Club Katze members would go on a holiday trip. The guy you’re aiming for would send you SMS with photo, telling you random stuff. While other guys sent Izumi photos of sunset, trees, lake etc, Hiiragi sent her a photo of a mushroom shaped like a p*nis, and asked her if it reminded her of anything. Words couldn’t quite describe the amusement+entertainment value I got from his route.

At one other time when they were meeting up outside of Club Katze, Izumi injured her leg on the way to meeting Hiiragi. When he found out he was quite upset that she didn’t tell him earlier, and took her to his place (it’s nearby) to get her leg treated. Conversation went like this:
Hiiragi: Here let me look at your leg.
Izumi: …Hiiragi-san, why are you touching my leg like that?
Hiiragi: Just extra treatment, massage, to help with the healing.
Hiiragi: It’s such a beautiful leg. I couldn’t help myself *smiles*.

…his whole route had that sekuhara theme going through it, even in the ending XD To illustrate, I think the most common dialogue in his route was:
Hiiragi: “Hm? I wonder where *smiles*.”


  • Everyone in this game, and I mean everyone, stole a kiss from the main character. The only one who did it with enough style for me to remember was Rei.
  • To me, the whole game was worth it just for Hiiragi’s route.
  • Most of the endings had Izumi marrying the guy, but the only ones where you could see the wedding happening was Johan’s and Hiiragi’s.
  • The songs the characters sang when they became the no. 1 host… the moment I heard Hiiragi’s song I really liked it, such that I’m thinking of buying the OST CD… my favourites: Hiiragi -> Tsubasa -> Ryuusei. The other characters’ songs weren’t that impressive to me.
  • I’ve never paid much attention to seiyuus, but this… I found myself surfing the net for any info on what other characters Junichi Suwabe had voiced. I first noticed him in Daylight, but didn’t think much about it. This time though… it’s like I got addicted to his voice D:

Right. I think that’s enough all-ages games for now… should probably play eroge next .__.;


36 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. paulina
    Jul 17, 2010 @ 23:32:04

    Hi, me again.
    may i know how to get bonus ending?
    i have been try many time but still get bad end in “Rei”.


    • sharakael
      Jul 18, 2010 @ 23:49:40

      You can try following this guide.
      As far as I can tell, to get Rei’s bonus ending you need to have his affection above 80 by the 15th of March, and have 集中力 at least at level 7.


  2. mon
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 01:15:36

    Hi, I went to La Primavera to use their guide and in the chart it said to do ‘Flowers’ for the first month continuously, but in my game there’s no command to do that. I see a lot of ?? in my activity list, do you know what I should do to unlock that?

    Or do I have to do Tsubasa’s route first before I can shoot for Hiiragi?

    Thanks 😀


    • sharakael
      Aug 19, 2010 @ 01:28:18

      I tried to explain about unlocking activities here. Do have a look and let me know if it’s not clear enough 😉

      I think you can go for anyone, really, going after Tsubasa first is just a matter of unlocking the activity ‘Dance’. If the guide for Hiiragi’s doesn’t mention needing Dance, then you should be ok. Actually, even if it *does* mention Dance, you can still do Hiiragi first, just that it’d probably take more planning on your part to level up your stats to fulfill Hiiragi’s requirements.


  3. Megumi
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 02:08:12


    Seriously, I mean, sure you had some major past issues but seriously… You’re basically supposed to be the MAIN character of the game (or so I believe), have some guts, man. The old girlfriend thing was a little too cliché for me…. When you hate hosts, you usually just frown upon them and don’t try to become one… no? And if you decide to get revenge through this, then should he be taking all the money from the heroine? XD And the selective amnesia part, I thought for a second I returned to some badly done Korean drama. It kinda reminded me of Meteor Garden II where the hero ended amnesic and all… ew, you don’t wanna know. Either way, I find his route unsatisfying.

    The other routes I have played are~~ tadaaa~

    Asato. And it was funny to learn he couldn’t sing. Amusing. But he was reaaaaally cute so I guess it makes up for everything else. xD

    Rei~ Uh. “I will sing if I become the Schwarze Katze.” lol. The only thing that made sense when I played for the video in the end. xD

    Hmmm~ I wonder who I’m going to play next? -just recently got a PSP =)-


    • sharakael
      Jan 16, 2011 @ 15:04:05

      Yea, Tsubasa’s route was unsatisfying.
      Save Hiiragi for last, since in my opinion he’s the best 😀

      And yay for getting a PSP! 😀 so many otome games on it now that I’m really happy I decided to buy one.


      • Megumi
        Jan 17, 2011 @ 01:36:02

        Too late. Just did it like a few hours ago. >_<

        It was kinda funny though, lol. I was aimed for him because I like the voice actor. Atobe Keigo, ahhh~~

        Either way, he is really… uh. Well, his route does have sexual innuendo. XD but I admit if I was the guy, it would obviously be fun to do that XDDD I mean, how can you not tease a cute person~? (I just dislike that person to be me, lol)

        And how he always changes his questions to make the girl say what he wants, hahaha~~~

        "Are you telling me you want me to make you a baby?" (<- if I am not remembering this wrong. lol)

        …Oh dear. xD okay, I'm going to go for number 1 now. He seems such a cutie~


        • sharakael
          Jan 17, 2011 @ 12:16:51

          Hahaha, yea, Hiiragi’s route provided so much LOL with all the things he said XD


          • Megumi
            Jan 17, 2011 @ 16:31:17


            -coughs- It’s funny that he is the only one I got ALL the CGs for. TTATT

            Megumi fails at getting CGs… T.T Ryuusei is being really uncooperative. I even played another time while following a walkthrough. :/ What is the CG that is exactly slipping through my grasp eh? (hmm, I think I found it on the blog you linked)

            Actually, I really liked Ryuusei’s route. He is sweet and caring, all the while having a hint of maturity that makes me go ‘aww’. He is really old though. O.o I never expected him to be older than the manager. AND LOL HOW HE PROPOSITIONED TO HER. “I used a cocktail”… okay, maybe it wasn’t that funny but yeah, it was special lol

            And he makes good dessert ;P So cute~~ He is really different from what I expected of him, but I find his route rather… well done ;D

            It’s really cute and sweet with a slight bitter taste (with the slight drama in it). ;D


            • sharakael
              Jan 17, 2011 @ 22:06:09

              Yea, Ryuusei was really mature, a definite stark contrast from Asato XD
              And his route was definitely more satisfying than Tsubasa <_<


              • Megumi
                Jan 18, 2011 @ 01:15:55

                Totally. I think it was truthfully disappointing for a main character. :/

                Also, I finally completed Ray and Ryusei completely. Ray’s story is a little typical. But Ryuusei was definitely cute and sweet. Really, I liked it.

                And now I’m going for Kanade… Except I’ve barely begun that I need to cut off the sound…

                Damn stammering voice. It’s annoying.


                • Megumi
                  Jan 18, 2011 @ 03:03:51

                  Okay. I’m done with Kanade.

                  He was… special. Actually, his route didn’t strike me much… Sure he was kinda cute and soft, but not really my kind of men. o_o””

                  And the Valentine day’s event. I am sorry to say that but I laughed a little too hard. XDDD I mean, he is like totally meek and shy all the way and that day, THAT day, he just went bold and pounced. I was so shocked that I told my friend on msn lol. She was like “omg what is this game you’re playing?”. I mean, he just pounced and went “IF IT’S ALRIGHT TAKE ME FOR VALENTINE.”

                  …I am sorry, I can’t contain my amusement. snerk.


                  • sharakael
                    Jan 18, 2011 @ 14:20:37

                    Yea, not my kind either… but that Valentine’s event was so, so LOL-worthy XD My reaction was something like, “What is this? He sounds like a victim asking to be victimised…”


                    • Megumi
                      Jan 18, 2011 @ 23:27:05

                      Totally, lol. It’s like the only memorable moment in the entire route! xD

                      His story is so lol, flat. Most characters have some charm or something funny. I mean, Ray had the bonus ending, Ryuusei had his sweetness, even Tsubasa had style! But Kanade was just… pretty. Yeah, that must be the only thing he was in my mind.


                      “I thought about it all day!” I was like o-o ‘Okay, who trained that future psychopath?’

                    • sharakael
                      Jan 20, 2011 @ 16:48:14

                      Well, Kanade was a bookworm, so that’s a plus point from me 😀
                      …and no one should ever ask Hiiragi for relationship advice…

  4. Megumi
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 22:50:00

    Lol. We wrote so much that I can’t click on the reply button anymore. XD

    I finished Johann. Kinda… uuh, unexpected. I mean this is crazy lol.

    First time holding a girl’s hand, first time having a female student, stuff. Lol. So sad, my boy. And the Halloween thing? I can understand if you don’t get things like white day or something, but HALLOWEEN? That’s not even Japanese! How can you not know what you do on Halloween?

    Anyway. I must say that my favorite was Ryuusei. o-o Even I am surprised. I never go for the mature and uh, mustache wearing (I forgot how you say it in English TAT) ones. .___.””” REALLY. I mean, I usually don’t even take their routes. But he was super sweet. ;D He had a calming and sweet presence.

    Hmm, guess I should finish Real Rode now. -had already captured the Dark Prince- or I should try to work on my VN wih Ren’Py…

    So much to do, so little time~


    • sharakael
      Jan 21, 2011 @ 15:29:55

      Yea, starting Johann’s route, he was cute… but as the route went on, he’s just… sad :/
      Which of the host’ No.1 Event song do you like?

      Work on your VN 😀 That way I’ll be motivated to continue working on mine…


  5. Megumi
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 20:53:00

    Hm… I guess it’d be Hiiragi. *influenced by Atobe Keigo*


    (I hope mine won’t turn out sucky TT I can’t draw BG and sprites to save my life)


    • sharakael
      Jan 24, 2011 @ 11:44:45

      I’m… doing several *lol* could never finish any of them because I can’t draw *lol*


      • Megumi
        Jan 25, 2011 @ 06:04:57

        Lol. How high are your expectations to the drawings?

        I can draw but I’m being extremely hard on myself as I can’t color to save my life. If you want, I won’t mind drawing some stuff for you =) Because you are nice—- *hug*

        I am thinking of getting myself a uh… quick art formation of a week during vacation (just so I can draw poses better because I suck at it.)

        Oh, I just started a deviant acc. I’ll add the link if you wanna see it. *post the link in website (you can see it right? Oo)*

        I randomly decided that two days ago was the day I’d make a DA account. So I have a DA account. XD


        • sharakael
          Jan 26, 2011 @ 01:32:20

          Haha, thank you for the offer, but I’d rather not 🙂
          Not that I don’t appreciate the offer; it’s because I know how time-consuming the drawing process actually is… it’s not something that can be done in 5min 🙂

          And yes, I can see your DA link 😀 I see you started on your VN as well 🙂 DA is a good place to get motivated, although I found that whenever I visited the DA, some of the artists there made me burn with envy and just made me despair… *sigh*


          • Megumi
            Jan 26, 2011 @ 02:11:35

            Despair… me too. D:

            I just decided randomly that hell, DA has bad artists too so I don’t see why I shouldn’t be in the collection too xD

            I am still trying to figure out how my characters are going to be physically… so hard lol. I just want them to look like what I think they should be like and reflect their personalities… except I don’t know how to do that XD

            I still don’t know how to name my VN. Maybe Love Buffet ? lol. Idk. So hard. AND YOU SHOULD DO YOUR VN BECAUSE I WANNA PLAY IT!


            • sharakael
              Jan 27, 2011 @ 17:00:34

              Practice makes perfect, they say 😀

              I don’t think you’d want to play anything I make though. For a start, although I play a lot of otome games, my VN won’t be otome or have any element of romance in it… ^^;


              • Megumi
                Jan 27, 2011 @ 20:56:20

                Well, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. I do play or read other stuff than romance. xD We can’t know until we try, right? ;3

                I FINALLY DID A SPRITE. XD THE HEROINE (and her character sheet makes my friends laugh, haha)

                Official comment: I can’t go to that art class. They have real, naked people posing. My virgins eyes wouldn’t be able to take it. The girl I talked to was a little like “YEAH, OF COURSE. HOW DO YOU WANT TO LEARN ANATOMY WITHOUT NAKED PEOPLE?” and I was like “omg, nooooooo.” + embarrassed to ask the question. xD

                😀 *hugs* I hope I’ll finish the game soon so I can force you to be a betatester *dances around and goes back to make more expressions for Bridget*


                • sharakael
                  Jan 28, 2011 @ 21:00:30

                  Haha, I saw the character sheet, seems like she’ll be an amusing heroine XD

                  Maybe you can buy one of those wooden posable doll with joints? I think I saw them in art supply shops…

                  Hahaha, shall we try to aim for NaNoRenO then? 😀


                  • Megumi
                    Jan 30, 2011 @ 07:46:09

                    I got myself an artist. :3 better and faster for the game.

                    …and I may actually not have to draw a dragon that way HAHAHAHA

                    I already own a wooden doll. XD I bought it when I was in China. It costed like 3€ (so 4$?) but it didn’t help me much. :/

                    And I just found out what is NaNoRenO. What month is it?


                    • sharakael
                      Jan 31, 2011 @ 01:26:23

                      Yay 😀 Did you find your artist in DA?

                      I think those wooden dolls are helpful if you have more than 1… because then you can model them to pose multiple characters to get the viewing angle right. I think <_<

                      I believe NaNoRenO is in March 🙂

  6. Megumi
    Jan 31, 2011 @ 02:09:50

    Nope. I went on Lemmasoft’s forum. You can put thread about recruitment.

    The wooden never really helped me. I don’t know why? D: Maybe it’s just that I suck with anatomy?

    And, huh. Well, seeing how it goes, I think NaNoRenO may be … the time around when I should finish up. Except if I procrastinate. lol


  7. autumn leaf
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 19:38:56

    i have to say, given that you directly link to my blog, shouldn’t you at least give a proper reference?


  8. angstch
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 07:13:09

    FINALLY GOT MYSELF A PSP AND THIS GAME XD …finally after a year contemplating whether to go for 3DS or PSP lols.

    Well Hiiragi’s one of the main reasons why I ended up purchasing a PSP; and also the reason why I ended up having a voice fetish (Beh-samaaaa) and into the seiyuu fandom///////< I jumped on to the seiyuu wagon lols)

    Anyways, I was thinking of going after Hiiragi, Rei and Ryuusei for the moment, maybe Kanade? (…not sure about Tsubasa, Asato and Johan);;; Who do you think I should go for amongst those 4 ikemen? Should I save Hiiragi for the last, just focusing on unlocking activities and present while not pursuing anyone at all for the first play?

    On another note, how do you take screenshot of the CG? Which button should I press in order to do that?

    Doumo x


    • sharakael
      Jan 26, 2013 @ 01:48:54

      PSP is a good buy :3
      I’d say… yes, save Hiiragi for last 😀 From the 4 you mentioned, go for Kanade first as in my personal opinion his route was less entertaining compared to the other 3. Unlocking everything in your first play is probably better, as it means subsequent playthroughs will be easier.
      For screenshots… if I remember correctly, it’s a function provided in the CG Gallery. Can’t remember which button though…


  9. angstch
    Jan 26, 2013 @ 04:53:23

    Yes it seems to be so :3

    Okeydokey;; Will definitely save the best for the last 🙂 hmm, whom shall I go first after Kanade? Rei or Ryuusei? XP
    Is there such thing as a neutral route where you don’t go for anyone? XD

    Ah you could only get them after you’ve unlocked the CGs eh? I thought you could just take screenshot at any point of the game lols


    • sharakael
      Jan 28, 2013 @ 22:07:29

      I’d say go for Ryuusei, but that’s my personal preference 😀
      There is a neutral route, yes… it’s when you don’t end up with anyone. I think my first 1-2 playthrough I was actually on the neutral route, since I was concentrating on just unlocking all the presents etc.


  10. angstch
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 07:28:55

    The old me wouldn’t go for Ryuusei AT ALL but for some reason, ossan charas are now growing on me as I immersed myself more and more in seiyuu fandom lols XD but Ryuusei it is then〜

    Ah I see; So how do you go for this so-called neutral route? Just avoid visiting Katze like plague unless you’re transported there automatically… is it?

    Oh and I was wondering if that 斉田 megane guy has his own route? X3


    • sharakael
      Feb 04, 2013 @ 01:08:05

      Neutral route… if I remember correctly, I basically spent all my time just increasing my stats and making presents, and only go to Club Katze if it’s required (during XMas, Valentine etc). It’s basically a “you loser” ending lol
      That megane guy… if memory serves me right, in the neutral route he just invited you to dinner to scold/congratulate (can’t remember) you for the result of your job, since he’s your client. Nothing else happened, I believe. No romance route, I believe.


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